Why Is My Kindle Fire So Slow? – How To Speed up your Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire This tablet is undoubtedly one of the most useful tablets you can own, if your needs include book reading and video streaming as well as other applications. The cost of the tablet is significantly lower than most premium tablets. Kindle Fire It’s a huge deal on a tablet. Is it really so slow to light my kindle?

The majority of it functions well. However, there is one major feature many have complained about. It’s the Amazon Silk Browser.

Amazon Silk has been disappointing for many users. They launched the Kindle Fire a month ago.

Amazon’s selling spot was ultra-smooth as well as ultra-fast Web browsing. The real-life experience of many is quite impressive. Kindle Fire customers prove else.

What can I do to speed up my Kindle Fire’s performance?

You can speed up your Kindle Fire. These are the four options you have.

The problem with the Kindle Fire’s browser is that although it can be used as a desktop browser (its 7 inch screen is too small to use that way), there is nothing wrong.

It is not uncommon for the Kindle Fire’s screen to be underutilized.

Additionally, the Kindle Fire has an Adobe Flash which is enabled automatically, so the Silk optimization may not be working as it should.

These factors often result in slow browser speeds.

You may be able to modify several default settings in the browser. You can disable Flash, change the browser’s display to mobile version, disable speeding-up feature, and disable Flash.

Flash works well on some sites but not for all. It can cause slow browsing in most cases. You can disable Flash in Silk.

Start your Kindle.

It may seem trivial, but it is very likely that your Kindle has not been restarted correctly for many months.

Source: Amazon

After a session, turn off your Kindle. This is because it has been set to a low-power reserve mode. If there are any issues or malfunctions, they might continue to bug it for a longer time.

You should therefore practice restarting your Kindle all the time. It is magic to turn the things off and on from time-to-time.

To restart the Kindle, hold the power key down for around 10 seconds, and afterward, click the “Restart” option when the Power menu comes up.

What can I do to free up RAM for my kindle fire’s?

You must delete all unnecessary programs and storage to free RAM from your kindle fire.

Clearing the cache and history is necessary. Unused and unneeded applications are also deleted. A few data can be stored on your computer, or in the cloud.

Although they may be related, storage and memory aren’t exactly the same. Memory can sometimes also serve as storage space.

If you clear out unwanted or inactive applications and/or data transfers, your storage will increase and you’ll have less garbage.

It is exactly the same way you houseclean your smartphone and computer. Only download and install applications you need.

How can I verify the amount of memory in my Kindle?

You will find a space on your Kindle in the upper left corner of the screen.

Then Kindle Touch: on the home screen, tap the ‘Menu’ key and choose “Settings.”

Then Tap the “Menu” for a second time and afterward select “Device Info.”

What can I do to increase my fire’s memory?

There are three ways of increasing the Kindle Fire’s memory

Kingston Wi-Drive

This is an external hard drive Wi-Fi is used to link the Kindle Fire.

You can choose from 16 GB or 32 GB versions, with 64 GB soon to follow. A Kingston Wi-Drive can connect to three devices at once, so that each user has access to different content. To access your machine, you can use the Wi-Drive Android App on the Kindle Fire.

Wi-Drive also allows you to connect with another network. So you can use the Wi-Drive to surf the web while simultaneously using it.

You can now take control of everything via the internet.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

This app is perfect for anyone who needs to be able to easily access and send files to their Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire allows you to access all your programs as well as your files from your PC directly.

You can connect to your Kindle Fire anytime, anywhere as long as your computer is connected and has a Splashtop Streamer.

Kindle Fire Cloud Storage

Apart from Amazon, there are many other options for cloud storage. Here are the three options that work with the Kindle Fire. They offer 50 GB of storage for free and can be referred to by others.

Amazon’s cloud drive

Free storage space of 5GB is available automatically. Their plans are $12 annually for standard and $60 for limitless storage.

Sugar sync

For $4.99/month, 30GB is available as a paid plan. This will cost $49.99 annually. They don’t offer free plans nowadays.


Dropbox You get 2GB for free; you can refer up to 10 people and receive $99/month for 50 GB, or $199 a year for 100 GB.