The 8 Best Books That’ll Help You Overcome Insecurity and Build Your Confidence

No matter what your confidence level is, I bet you have some insecurities – we all do. A little voice will tell you you don’t have the skills or intelligence to succeed in whatever endeavor you set your mind to. Are we afraid of rejection? Or is it because don’t even care about rejection but because we truly believe those insecurities? Insecurities can hold us back in any way. These insecurities reduce our confidence and make it difficult to trust others. These insecurityes can affect both personal and professional relationships. We should overcome insecurity before it becomes a problem. We will be discussing the top books about insecurity, and what you can do to conquer it to increase your confidence.

Books on Anxiety, Insecurity and Social Confidence

These books deal with anxiety, fear and insecurity as well as their impact on social confidence. It is possible for insecurity to become crippling and lead you to avoid social situations. This book will help you to be less anxious in social situations. 


Everything Isn’t Terrible by Kathleen Smith

Learn more:

  • Face your anxiety
  • This guide will help you deal with anxiety and insecurities.
  • Living a more peaceful life

The humorous book is written by Dr Kathleen Smith who is a mental health writer and licensed psychotherapist. The book is funny, but it takes an informative, practical, and serious approach to anxiety. Through her own experience, and using real-life examples and stories, she helps the reader learn how to manage their anxiety. There are easy exercises that you can do to conquer your fears and manage anxiety. Ultimately, living a calmer, less anxious life – one that isn’t terrible – is possible, and with this audiobook, you’ll learn how to do it.

 📘BOOK 2

Fearless Social Confidence by Patrick King

Learn more:

  • Beating insecurity
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Confidence in handling any social situation

Patrick King’s book, Social Confidence takes a closer look at the topic. Fear of social interaction is a common fear. We feel like we’ll be judged and rejected. It is fear like this that prevents us from leading happy lives. That is why this book aims to eliminate that dreaded feeling that you’re just not good enough. Before demonstrating how to handle every situation, the author walks through how confidence works and how it drains.

 📘Book #3

Confidence by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic 

Learn more:

  • How to overcome low self-esteem, insecurity and self-doubt
  • Building trust
  • Improving your social skills

This book by Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic takes decades of research and explains what’s the best way to improve our social skills. Contrary to many books about confidence, this book explains the down side of high confidence. The author’s research shows that in the long run, high confidence makes one less likeable and less successful. He then teaches the reader the benefits of low confidence – which is centred around being more self-aware and motivated. This does seem counterintuitive, but it is explained much better in the book and I must say, it’s pretty enlightening!

 📘Book #4

Men, Women and Worthiness by Brené Brown

Learn more:

  • There are many similarities and differences in the experiences of shame experienced by men and women.
  • Guilt vs. shame – why one is a useful force for growth, while the other keeps us small.
  • These are the four components of shame resilience

To bring you this book, Dr Brown has used more than 12 years worth of research. The author claims that shame is the biggest obstacle to our self-worthiness. Shame or our internal voices of shame can significantly diminish our self-worth. By building resilience to this “shame” it is possible to overcome it and disarm the influence it has on our lives. It is easy to understand the key message through this book, which has a lot of humor.

 📘BOOK #5

Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen

Learn more:

  • Your thoughts are what hold you captive
  • Change your feelings
  • Take charge of your thoughts

Jennie Allen’s book, Insecure by Faith takes a spiritual approach to insecurities. This author shares her own experience of having negative thoughts and becoming stuck in unhealthy thinking patterns. Through her faith and trust in God, the author was able overcome these thoughts. The author gives the reader tips and tricks to help you take back control of your mind and change your emotions using what she found. You can eliminate the feeling of insecurity, helplessness, and despair by placing your faith in a greater power. 

The Insecurities of Relationships: Books

This list contains three books that deal with insecurity and relationships. Insecurities can cause us to react defensively, rejecting the other person and causing relationships to end. What if these insecurity caused us to reject each other before we could accept them? How would that affect our ability to create lasting, stronger relationships? These books will show you how to deal with insecurity in relationships.

 📘BOOK #6

Anxiety and Insecurity in Love & Relationships by Lana Grey

Learn more:

  • What can you do to help anxiety take its different forms?
  • How insecure people are in relationships
  • How to have a happy marriage

Lana Grey’s book is actually two books in one. The author carefully explains how jealousy, insecurity and anxiety can destroy relationships, just like complex relationships. After explaining the issues, she offers sensible and practical solutions. You will gain valuable insight about how insecurity can hinder your ability to have a meaningful, fulfilling relationship. You will enjoy it!

 📘BOOK #7

Healthy Relationships by Michelle Martin

Learn more:

  • Insecurities and how to overcome them in a relationship
  • How do external factors affect your relationships?
  • You can improve your relationships with these tools

Michelle Martin doesn’t hold back in her book. She dives straight into why relationships fail or succeed. Each person is unique, and a lack of knowledge can lead to many failures. You will learn how to get to know your partner and what they are going through. You will learn everything you need about your partner to make your relationship a success.

 📘BOOK #8

Jealousy – How to Overcome Jealousy, Insecurity and Trust Issues by Sofia Price

Learn more:

  • Surviving your fear and anxiety
  • What causes jealousy?
  • Nurturing relationships and making meaningful connections

Sofia Price’s book is about fear, jealousy and insecurity. If these emotions take hold, you will lose your sense of peace. This author will explain how to overcome jealousy and stop relying on other people’s happiness for your own happiness. The book can help you overcome jealousy and gain back confidence in your own life.

You can find something to eliminate insecurity in any circumstance by reading this list of books on insecurity. Unchecked insecurity can lead to a breakdown of professional and personal relationships. It is important to learn how to deal with insecurity. These books will show you the way! What are you waiting to do? Get started today on reclaiming your life.