Speed Reading

Advantages of speed reading

A question that is often asked by speed reading coaches is whether someone can improve their reading speed or not.But that doesn’t mean that the leaner doesn’t have to provide their own input: after all, all learning is a form of compromise. In this context, the following are considered the four essential elements that a student of speed reading must bring with them if they want to learn to read:

1. The desire to improve

As strange as it may seem, not everyone is willing to accept that there is a better way of reading than the one currently used by the student. Most likely, the student learned his current reading method at a very formative age – probably on his mother’s knee. As a result, it can be difficult to persuade students to adapt to new methods of reading, a skill that we consider to be so fundamental that none of us are really willing to accept that we do not know how to do it , and do it well importance of reading. Already. Therefore, the real desire to improve your reading speed is the first essential element that you need to bring to class.

2. Willingness to accept new ideas

Another concept that we learn in our formative years is to elaborate our words (technically subvocalize) as we read them. Sometimes this happens in such a way that we learn to pronounce the word, not to read it! However, this habit can be extremely difficult to break in later life. But if you want to be able to improve your reading speed, it’s a habit you have to break.

In addition, most of them are taught at some point in our lives that if we have not understood or understood what we have just read, go back and read the passage again. This is also a habit that speed reading courses see as a no. You have to discard it if you want to improve your tips for reading speed. However, it is not easy to do.

Finally, regardless of the speed reading methods you choose to learn, it is likely that you will have to learn to read or skip large amounts of information at the same time. As children, we are taught that these practices are not good for us – we will likely miss or misinterpret information.

Then, as you can see, willingness to accept new ideas will be essential if you want to learn to improve your reading speed.

3. Motivation

In practice, it only takes a very short time to learn the correct speed reading technology. But the real test is having to practice and practice every day.

This means that a student of a speed reading course must remain motivated to learn how to improve their reading speed over a longer period of time. In fact, some would argue that you never stop learning to improve your reading speed.

4. Practice

The saying goes “practice makes perfect”, and nowhere is this saying more appropriate than in the reading learning process. If you want to improve your reading speed, you have to practice over a longer period of time.


To sum up, if you want to learn how to improve your reading speed, everything you (i) want; ii) readiness; iii) motivation; and (iv) practice.