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After he left a guard to watch the Wrecker, Wheeljack tricked him into freeing him and met with the 'cons who were preparing to storm the autobot base once Makeshift opened a groundbridge to the autobot base. This trait was carried on to his Dark of the Moon counterpart Wheeljack/Que. Makes a great gift for kids, Classic Wheeljack toy robot inspired by the enthusiastic Autobot inventor from the Transformers Cyberverse cartoon, as seen on Cartoon Network and YouTube, Giant Transformers robots activate signature abilities known as Action Attacks! By episode 11 - 13 as well as Predacons Rising Wheeljack follows Optimus and Magnus's respective orders without much hassle. Optimus, however shot down Soundwave. Unlike the rest of the Team Prime's members, Wheeljack is a cocky, reckless loose cannon who doesn't think very highly of human safety and rarely follow orders from his superiors like Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus. Magnus and Wheeljack nearly came to blows, before Bulkhead reminded them Miko was on the surface with the Predacon and probably with the Decepticon escort. Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Als sich der Krieg verschlechterte, präsentierte Sentinel Prime den Autobots eine mysteriöse "Fackel", die er erfunden hatte und die den Krieg irgendwie beenden sollte. The pair returned to base, though Wheeljack didn't want to see his friend lying comatose and left. Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack then flew the ship to Cybertron and the Lock was used to restore their homeworld. First appearance Offer applies to selected items for delivery by regular standard shipping only and excludes delivery to some remote locations. Wheeljack set to work in disarming it while Optimus confronted Dreadwing. Additionally he has demonstrated to be a demolition expert as within his inventory he carries explosive grenades which he can use in variety of ways to cripple his opponents, he often refers to this tactic as is signature move 'One grenade, One shot'. At one point the Wreckers fell under the command of Ultra Magnus in an effort to stabilise them, but Wheeljack refused to accept this development and abandoned the Wreckers. ", "Didn't think I let Team Prime have all the fun did ya? Fowler chewed out Wheeljack for his actions while the Wrecker blew off Fowler's comment, stating he's not one of Optimus Prime's people, then went out to his ship. Glücklicherweise blieb Wheeljack gerade funktional genug, um seine Rekalibrierung abzuschließen und Shockwave in seinem Kraftfeld mit einem sehr unglücklichen Optimus Prime zu fangen. Zustand Wheeljack chased the con through several systems until at last they made it back to earth. On some products, special handling fees may still apply. He admitted Ultra Magnus was not the cause of his leaving, but Bulkhead as he was going soft. Joined by Miko, he attacked an energon mine to draw out Hardshell. Looks really nice Where are the stickers/decals from? Any shipping expense over this $20 per order maximum amount will be charged to your order. Verstorben When they returned to base, Wheeljack was talked into staying. ", "How we gonna get that thing to safety?" Blue Wheeljack/Que He is a skilled pilot as he can captain various ships including his personal vessel the Jackhammer which he is able to pilot with exceptional ease and maneuverability, having explored the galaxy and deepest corners of space even Optimus commending him for his ability. Wheeljack and Bulkhead are the only Autobots in the series to use grenades. In Season 3 after Wheeljack left and called for a bridge back to base in Plus One. Wheeljack goaded it into shooting fire at him. ; 4.25-inch 1-Step Changer Wheeljack Action Attackers figure inspired by the Cyberverse animated series, Convert the heroic Autobot Wheeljack figure to reveal his signature Gravity Cannon Action Attack move. Voiced by Convert Wheeljack toy from robot to car mode in 1 easy step. Are you sure you want to delete this item? The Autobots investigated a potential Energon mine. This is my custom Transformers Prime Deluxe WheelJack with the Lancia Stratos Turbo livery as personalized with some liberties by me. Predacons Rising Erster Auftritt

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  • Height Letzter Auftritt As a member of the Wreckers, Wheeljack is a highly accomplished soldier who has seen plenty of actions and gained plenty of scars doing so. He has proven to be efficient in dual-swordsmanship as he is able to wield twin piandaos with great proficiently to the point where he could even engage Soundwave in battle. After a lengthy dog fight, Wheeljack shot the Mini-Con down, but the Jackhammer was also disabled. Sprecher This offer is not valid on previous purchases. He only mentions about their time in the Wreckers. Wheeljack wouldn't let him when Optimus captured Dreadwing, and managed to convince him to deactivate the bomb. The two were met by the Predacon, they faced before, now in robot mode and now calling himself Predaking. "- Makeshift to, "The Wreckers scattered a long time ago and alone is usually a lot less complicated. Wheeljack is an Autobot Wrecker, like a brother to Bulkhead and a semi-member of Team Prime. Fanpop community fan club for WHEELJACK TRANSFORMERS 3 fans to share, discover content and connect with other fans of WHEELJACK TRANSFORMERS 3. James Horan, Bulkhead (best friend) Arcee (friend) Smokescreen (friend) Bumblebee (friend) Ultra Magnus (friend) Optimus Prime (friend) Ratchet (friend) Miko Nakadai (human friend/savior) Rafael Esquivel (human friend) Jackson Darby (human friend) William Fowler (human friend) June Darby (human friend). Find WHEELJACK TRANSFORMERS 3 videos, photos, wallpapers, forums, polls, news and more. Please select a store before adding to Cart, This item is not in stock at #, please select another location. Mercedes Jackie was carried to safety by Bulkhead and Arcee while Optimus emptied the AllSpark into the Matrix within him, using the container to seal Unicron's essence within. Wheeljack got captured twice in the series and escaped in both occasions. Once on their way back to Cybertron Wheeljack and Optimus were contacted by Bumblebee and Arcee who told them that Unicron, possessing Megatron's corpse, had returned. Seeing Fowler's jet, Dreadwing scanned it and flew off while Wheeljack accidentally blew up a gas station. Though he almost got the upper hand, Soundwave hit him with the Resonance Blaster, and Wheeljack barely had time to warn Ratchet before falling unconscious. On the ground Wheeljack found Laserbeak and suggested planting a grenade inside of the Mini-Con to kill Soundwave, but Ratchet had a better idea: A virus which would download the entire Iacon data base into their systems. Rasse Arcee told him not to push Bulkhead away as he would never forgive himself if something happened to him, reminding him of how he hunted down Hardshell. Prime For the second theft, Wheeljack persuaded Ratchet to let Magnus come.

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