vacuum purging bho without heat

Vacuum purging places your oil under an atmospheric pressure. 1 of 2 Go to page. ), How to get BHO to stay liquid after vacuum purge. Heat For Bho Purging. Once the pressure is turned down, the gas is released… Vacuum ovens are the ideal way to purge BHO, but the ovens are costly. BHO without butane traces. How To Vacuum Purge Shatter. The process consists of exposing the extract to a certain temperature in a vacuum environment, at an extremely low pressure. Anyways I basically stumbled upon alot of trim and decided to have him help me. S. Stickysocks. I think blasting into a small amount of iso works pretty well.. whats the point of doing that? Compacted BHO after the vacuum purge. If I can taste a hint of butane it makes me gag. Joined: Aug 10, 2014 Messages: 265 Likes Received: 88 #1 painterdude, Aug 14, 2014. Heat purge BHO with vacuum ovens. I personally do not care for a product that has not been winterized nor vac purged. Go. I have a friend that does Bho all the time but always uses a vacuum purge. Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by wrestle125, Nov 1, 2012. First lets look at what is going on when you place oil in a vacuum chamber and start raising the temperature. The best way to purge absolutely every bit of butane, is to pre heat a Pyrex dish on low for about 5 mins, then grab your glass extractor from the freezer. Just want some shatter. Don't waste money and cannabinoids purchasing a 2 stage vacuum pump. Unless you vacuum purge your BHO, it will turn out grey, bad tasting, and full of impurities – both degrading the quality of the experience, as well as your health. Take your solution of butane and THC goodness and put it in a Pyrex dish. This guy said PVC pipe makes a good tube. Nov 30, 2017 #1 Okay so im kinda new to this I guess. Tip # 1 Selecting vacuum levels and pumps. A simple vacuum oven can do the job pretty well. Next Last. Now that you have extracted you BHO and you have the right equipment, it’s time to get to the vacuum purging. Extremely extended heat purge (1-2 days) or simpy invest 200-250 dollars in a vacuum pump and chamber. 4 0 1. This pressure lowers the effective boiling point of each of the compounds within your BHO, allowing certain ones to be cold boiled away without potential damaging the others. The molecules will heat and release the gas. Other samples and forms of BHO. DO NOT use anytype of plastic. I am planning a small bho run. So after blasting the trim with butane and doing the water purge I was really lost. This is the final step of making shatter. He however didn't have any recommendations when it came to purging without one. Anyway, purging with heat is perfectly doable with a little finesse with a heat gun, feathering the bubbles every so often that occur over a low heat source. The only things you want to use for a blasting tube is glass, or stainless steel. Even if butane doesn't disolve pvc, pvc is a porious matterial which means butane will get into the pores while it's liquid, expand to a gas, and break the pvc appart getting bits of plastic in your oil. Place the shatter inside the vacuum oven and set the temperature to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Then place it in a bath of hot water that’s no hotter 140 degrees. Couple of things for the newbies. Do not waste 100 dollars to pay to use a vacuum oven, if you can afford material to blast with, you can certainly afford a vacuum. The principle of this type of purging is as simple as the traditional system, which uses a laboratory heating plate and a vacuum chamber for BHO (with its corresponding vacuum pump). Just having trouble getting a nice shatter consistency, always come out crumble, which isn't really a problem I guess. I have watched video after video, read opinion after opinion. You will thank me later. My advice would be to winterize your bho with everclear if at all possible if you are not going to vac purge. 7 gram run. It involves vacuum purging your shatter to get rid of all residual butane. After letting your run sit until there's no reaction left from the initial blast, scrape it all up and smear it thin on some parchment paper, laying flat on your Pyrex. Go out side blast and blast your weed. Bring your Pyrex dish back on the stove top on low, scrape it all together in one side. Thread starter Stickysocks; Start date Nov 30, 2017; Tagged users None 1; 2; Next. How To Vacuum Purge BHO. The more natural the oil the better why add iso? Hi ive been reading alot on this site and love it but SWIM has been making bho and it seems to take a week to two weeks to vacuum purge this is bring the vac to full vac leaving pressure sealed at -29.5 and turning the vacuum back on for a half hour every 4 hours or so to help pop bubbles. © Copyright 1999 - 2020 is a part of, (You must log in or sign up to post here. However, this may take a longer duration. Pre-Vacuum Purging. Different strains/techniques produce different types of BHO. Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by painterdude, Aug 14, 2014. painterdude Well-Known Member. I can't say specifically for PVC, but I do know butane can dissolve certain plastics. Best Bho Without A Vacuum Purge. There is more to vacuum purging and finishing than just sticking the oil in the chamber, and turning on the pump. I saw some people use a double boiler some use a oven. The best way to purge your BHO is with a vacuum oven, and a good one at that. At least that way you are sure you have purged all the butane.

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