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The EN Fiberglass Twin is Future's xtra-large sized twin-fin, offering that classic twin fin feel. The Rob Machado Keep by Futures fin’s is the Rob’s preferred fin for his iconic twin fin swallow tail design, the Go Fish. These surfboard fins are recommended for use in high-performance shortboards with low to medium rocker. Designed by free surfing legend Dave Rastovich, these quad surfboard fins are known for generating high speed and quick directional changes. Find more Captain Fin Co. | CF Quad Classic Surfboard Fins | (Single TAB) 4 Fin Set | Blue information and reviews here. Sold out. God, we struggled. When purchasing surfboard fins, consider your size, ability, and desired performance capabilities. Follow Us: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube; Vimeo; Shop . Designed and shaped by Tyler Warren, these surfboard fins are expertly crafted and will work well in virtually any board. The FCS II Performer Performer Core Tri Fin Set is designed as an all-around fin set, meant for a variety of wave types and board shapes. These thruster surfboard fins area a large-sized speed control fin. The Captain Fin Co CF Quad Classic Surfboard Fins Captain Fin Co’s self-acclaimed most reliable fin set up. Australia France/Spain UK. AFTERPAY Now Available | FREE Shipping on all orders, Sold Out If you want to enjoy the free-flowing speed of a twin fin, but still retain some control and performance capabilities, the CF-Twin Fin Especial and Trailer fin are the perfect surfboard fins for you. FREE domestic shipping on all orders over $65. The leader in performance surfboard fins designed for speed, balance, and control. Futures Akila Apia This set is designed by Akila, the son of Ben Aipa from Hawaii who made some ridiculously good twin fins back in the day for some of the Hawaiian rippers like Buttons. $64.95. High area twin keel design for fish shapes like Rob's Firewire Go Fish model. Instead, they have a consistent flex that creates drive and release through turns. Unlike many fins on the market, these surfboard fins can work for both medium-sized surfers and larger surfers weighing around 200lbs. These surfboard fins work especially well in reef breaks and point breaks. Available as a pair, these fins are built with 4º cant angle. $174.95. The honeycomb construction of these surfboard fins provides a lightweight medium flex that is well suited for virtually any wave conditions. $169.95. Thruster; 5 Fin; ... Large Twin / Keel Template . The T1 Thermotech is Future's performance twin-fin designed for used in any performance twin model. The JJ-2 Large Tech Flex Thruster was designed in collaboration with North Shore phenom, John John Florence. If you’re hoping to hop on a twin fin swallow tail for the first time and fly down the line a la Asher Pacey, you’re in for a rude awakening. The design for the JJ-2 Large Tech Flex comes from John John’s goto medium-sized fin. If you’re looking for the familiar flowing rides of a twin fin, but in a quad set up, the Futures Controllers are for you. PO BOX 162FRESHWATER NSW 2096PHONE: (02) 9939 9999, Template Category | Neutral (balanced, all-around), FREE shipping Australia-wide on all orders over $20, Any unused items can be returned, exchanged or refunded within 30 days of purchase. The Captain Fin Co Christenson Keel Splatter Twin Fin surfboard fin is a flexy twin fin model that gives riders a classic twin fin, loose feel. This template reminds me of an 80’s style performance twin fin that is designed to track well. If you're hoping to hop on a twin fin swallow … Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page.

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