thailand visa requirements

Try giving the embassy in Vientiane a call and asking what documents are required before making the trip. The Thai diplomatic mission office in which you will apply may ask for any additional documents that they see fit. Maybe your local office for some reason came up with some new requirements, but you have to obey, even if the stuff they require sounds stupid. You apply for a 60 days tourist Visa in the US. But as I'm sure you can tell, this is why the ED visa became such a popular route for the “Oh my God, I don't want to go home. Thanks. One of the most important requirements for the Thailand visa will be to have a valid passport from one of the eligible countries. It is sometimes possible for diplomatic or official passport holders to enter without a visa, but it is up to the discretion of the airline and/or immigration personnel and you may be denied entry. You will need to have the financial requirements in place when you apply. ED visa initially - I am about to start a MSc in the UK and perhaps I could follow this up with a further degree in TH - what are the rules about non language courses?Excellent website - love reading ur updates and information!Chris. I could try to set up a job in Thailand before I come there, but I am nervous to accept a job before I come there. My husband will go through the retirement visa process, though I am not retiring age, or even close. A VPN protects you against hackers and government snooping. All Thailand eVisa notifications and updates will be sent to the traveler’s email. Thanks for your reply. Hi George, an education visa might work well for you in the interim. Life is short The fee is 2000 THB. so basically one of your 60-day stays can be extended to 90 days.I think the 90-day Visa you are referring to is a Non-Immigrant O visa of some kind. Typically when you fly from the U.S. to Thailand your baggage flies free. because im a Sudanese citizen in Thailand with ED visa , and for some reason my school is telling me that i need to re-apply for my ED visa in the embassy of my own country. This is currently a big deal online and on the news. [335] Endorsement pages, which often appear after the visa pages, are not counted as being available. You will need to register your address at immigration too. none of the visas you talk about are a real option.let's start with the tourist visa. Also they asked my wife for a statement from the Municipality in Renu Nakhon the place we live (55 km). They should be able to provide a letter that says it's an official document and that you are the married persons. Visit the Royal Thai Embassy website for the most current visa information.. U.S. citizen tourists entering Thailand for fewer than 30 days do not require a visa. We hope that exchange between Japan and Thailand will further be promoted by this visa exemption. 7 Partially recognized. I already have a bank account in Thailand and a rented condo and intend to move out in October and retire. There may be stricter rules for those applying through consulates. Croatia is not a VOA country. However you do have to report to immigration every 90 days to let them know your address. Access Permit is required for travelling inside the zone, except Civil Use Areas. Hi Robert, you might do well to get a multiple entry tourist Visa. I dont need extension. Possibly not the easiest way to get an O-A Retirement Visa but it does work if you have already set up a Thai bank account and want to leave work and jet straight out here without waiting around in the UK for paperwork and checks to be completed. You will find the paper chases daunting, the protocols and procedures numbing, and the mai bpen rai attitude kind of frustrating. This time and for many years already I needed to show 400.000 Baht or more. The other would get a Non Immigrant O visa as a dependent (from your home country) and then extend the visa in Thailand (at immigration) as a dependent of the person with the retirement extension. Which Non O are you planning to get, or do you mean when you do your yearly extension at immigration? Thinking of 1 year working as yoga teacher or class instructor either for spa or hotels in Thailand somewhere. Thank you. For a week's visit he doesn't need a visa. My partner on a non IMM guardian visa and our daughter on a student visa/I planned to go this week to the Immigration office to report for the 90 days. Check this link. I'd love to have 800k but means I'll have to wait to May 2017 I have a question regarding a marriage visa. The advantage of entering the country with this visa is that you'll have 60 days instead of the standard 30 on arrival. A letter from the applicant's employer in the UK or Ireland, and addressed to the Royal Thai Embassy. Then the lady asked me if I could visit the BKK Bank on Friday 11 October again for a new bank statement. First warning issued]. Again. I have a multi O visa based on marriage that I obtained at the Brisbane Thai consulate (through Canberra embassy). They use the get-you-a-visa fees as a way to make money. It's a 6 month multiple entry visa. Are you not considered an adult at 18 in Thailand? Your passport, which is valid for at least another six months and has at least two blank visa pages. Do you have a previous employer? Me and the majority of my readers are using it. I must say as well, what a great site this is, VERY informative. I think that's what Immigration wants. It will also vary between countries. For $20,000 AUD I get to stay up to 5 years ! Hi Charles, you could get that visa but it's designed really for those wanting to stay a year. Regarding the 1 year extension of a Non-Immigrant O Family/Marriage Visa: Any advice! When I apply for a Non O, does my Thai bank balance have to come from the same branch where I opened the account. There are a number of different visas to consider, so to prevent the risk of deportation and the embarrassment of explaining your predicament when you wind up back in your home country, I have compiled up-to-date visa information for the 5 most common types of visa. In fact, I will get half of that amount just from selling my car before I retire in Thailand. I don't know how to explain it in another way. The fee for a Thailand Student Visa is 2,000 Thai Baht (appx. Short attention span, and zero interest in English as a 2nd language. Thanks for spotting that Aldert. Hi, I wonder why they have dropped it , I assume the medical certificate is dropped as well then ? You can access the website of Thailand Longstay Company here. But as an expat/long stayer, it's another story. Copy of your Thai marriage certificate 14 days visa free and landing fee 35 USD or tax of 5 USD if not going ashore. Hello - I have already extended my tourist visa for 30 days. Please kindly check Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for more information. Strange but actually true. 2. Yes, it was a horrible experience because I have to go up and down with local transportation. Very interesting. I already have a flight booked from Krabi Int Airport back home for the beginning of February. You can get this from an immigration office or the airport before you fly. The 1-year extension can be applied for during the last 30 days of your 90-day permit to stay and, providing you meet the financial requirements, the processing time usually takes about one month. They put it to work to make more money for themselves. You must have missed it. The Thailand Re-Entry Permit allows the holder to leave and re-enter Thailand, Be enrolled in a Thai educational institution, Take at least three courses (sometimes the requirement is four courses, so you have to check with your school), Have at least 15 hours of classes per week. I did mind by mail as I live in Las Vegas and received it back in two weeks exactly. You have to meet the financial requirements too, which means depositing 800k in a Thai bank account. Once a valid work permit is obtained, the applicant then applies for the 1-Year Non-Immigrant B visa inside Thailand. Thailand is just what I need now in my life. After that he just hung out and got her food and drinks and watched the stall if she had to nip to the loo.The police saw him there every day, as did the other market traders. Double check this with immigration at Chaeng Wattana though.I don't think it will make it any harder to apply for a UK visit visa for your wife, as long as she meets the requirements. Do you mean re-entry permit? Thanks in advance. If I have assets in US and money in US banks, is that enough to prove them? It would cost that a month to study English in the UK a few times a week at a school. In other countries this is not a requirement. Once you are on the last 30 days of this visa, you can file for your extension of stay based upon retirement. I have a hypothetical question. Persons who do not comply with visa regulations risk being denied entry to Thailand at the border. If they have a heavy workload, it would be ready the next morning. The process was fairly straight forward enough. I married to a Thai lady abroad 6 years ago. They make the rules. All that matters is that when she goes to extend the Visa she has all the required documents and the money in the Thai bank account for the stipulated amount of time. Once you have the Non-Immigrant O Multiple entry visa, or 90-day Non Immigrant visa, you can travel to Thailand and activate the visa upon entry. It's just October 19. But by and large, as long as you abide by the rules, you won't have a problem.I do agree that it would be preferable to have a type of one-year Visa for younger people, below 50. "The O visa description lists that an O visa can be issued to a contestant or witness in a judicial process." All you have to do is report every 90 days, but your liaison officer can help you do this. I thought it was ok until 19th of October. Also, is it even possible for a foreigner like me who is married to a Thai spouse without leaving Thailand at all? The fine is payable to the Immigration Bureau, the Suvarnabhumi Airport Immigration office, or other departure point. I have organised a return flight to KL from BKK. Do you know if its still possible to get this visa without it? Your first report to immigration can be done up to 15 days before it's due date. I think you can just write the intention to be: "retirement visa extension". You get to learn Thai at a school and stay in the country for the duration. I am married now so can I extend on this basis? When you apply for a Thai Student Visa, you need several documents to support your application. I think it is. Yes, 65k per month. Hi I’m from the Uk I’ve been offered a job in Thailand paying 6000 baht a month plus free accommodation, do you think this is good ? I've only recently came across your Website. Now, I promise one quick question in regards to the Retirement O-A Visa. My son wishes to study for a degree in Thailand and has asked if I could come out to look after the baby for a few years. Hi TTLIf i am getting paid in Australia to get work done in Thailand would that qualify me for the 65,000 Baht monthly income requirement? And frankly that’s almost a little insulting. Do a search on TM-30. I read on the embassy website that you need notorized parental permission to obtain a visa if you are under 20?? I will check out LTL. When you're mentioning >400k, you must be talking about an extension based on marriage, right? All you have to do is apply for the correct one, which you'll be able to after reading this post.

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