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But the camera shows that Morgana has fallen into a trap... unbeknownst to her, she has not been sent by Osip to hunt Demarest... but that Demarest himself is luring her to him. Of course, Demarest simply smiles his usual smug smile as Farralon speaks-- he, of course, knows the nature of gambling in ways that Farralon could never have dreamed of. Demarest is delighted at their arrival. He gestures and the two halves of the fire opal fly up to his hands and mend together into a single jewel. The paper also has an article on Demarest's escape, giving the name of the Russian prisoner who escaped along with Demarest as Osip Krutchkov. The folklore professor tells Alex about the jewel, the djinn and its evil history. Demarest tells her they met in the art gallery. This sets off an alarm that immediately begins to blare throughout the museum. Demarest vents that he only has one more soul to add to those he's gained, but he needs 800 more and is growing impatient. Back at the prison, Demarest and Osip are talking over a game of chess. One who wakes a Djinn will be given three wishes. But Morgana has forgotten that death is often a release. He smiles, impressed that she's 'done her homework,' but reminds her that he is the Wishmaster, so any wishes directly pertaining to him are circumscribed by the prophecy. Later, Alex learns that the djinn needs to power the gem with the soul of humans and then grant her three wishes before he can unleash the djinn on Earth. The connection to Morgana is-- she set him free. Djinns, also spelled Jinns and sometimes even called Genies (Jinni), are a rare race of supernatural cave dwelling hermits that have the power to produce powerful hallucinations inside the minds of humans. He asks in an inviting tone of the detective 'wishes' that his job were more exciting. These creatures were condemned to live in the void between the worlds though yearned to be free on the Earth once more. Pushkin's greatest enemy is a rival crime boss named Moustafa. The camera pans along the room to show various other exhibits and pauses at two paintings. Speaking seductively, the demon tells Eric that it can give him life everlasting, or just end his pain, if he wishes for it. The sight of it quickly sends Pushkin into a breakdown, and Osip declares himself the new lead figurehead in Pushkin's place. Upon the granting of the third, the unholy legions of the Djinn will be freed to rule the earth. Farralon takes Demarest on a tour of the casino, talking a little bit about the business. He points his gun at Morgana, saying she is the key to staving off hell. He even perfectly duplicates Morgana's voice, speaking seductively to Gregory. Osip brings Demarest to Pushkin and tells him that Demarest is a Wishmaster who can give Pushkin anything he wants. Just then, Morgana rushes into the club room, shooting Demarest twice in the chest with her gun. The other one shoots the guard in turn, and pulls off his hood, bending over the wounded burglar in tears and calling out, "Morgana!" And the earth gave birth to Man. Morgana breaks into tears again as she turns away from this coverage. Staring at Demarest, Morgana has a vision of the Djinn in his true form, causing her to shriek in fright. Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)/Characters, Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001)/Characters, Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)/Characters, Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002), Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (2001),, The character of Wishmaster Djinn was created by director. Before the Djinn could stop this interloper, the sorcerer spoke the words "Nib Shuggarath Bahim" whilst holding a fire opal. He squirms away in bewildered fear as the mass flows up the tendril onto the wall. Movie Database Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. She reminds him that he himself told her that she would know when the time was right. Divoff appeared not only in makeup, but also as the Djinn's human alias, Nathaniel Demerest in the film. The lab is destroyed and Josh is killed, upon his wish for relief from his physical pain. At this club, Osip is celebrating his freedom. The next morning, the Djinn, as Nathaniel Demarest, is being questioned by a police detective. Grimly they march forth for the showdown with the Djinn. He tells her that he has purchased a ticket for her to pursue Demarest, begging her to try and stop him, as she is the only one who can. The agitated man responds with a few bombastic threats that Demarest shrugs off, assuring the man he isn't lying, and invites him to make a wish. Her examinations of the jewel wake the djinn. Looking at the fire opal, the Djinn says that the time has come to 'fulfill the prophecy.'. At the end of his patience, Tillavar inadvertently gives Demarest exactly what he wanted... a wish. One Djinn was awakened in 1127 A.D. in Persia by the emperor. He shows her Gregory, attired as Christ was on his crucifixion, and likewise crucified as Christ was. He pulls it out of the rock just as his partner ushers him through an emergency exit door. Ever since Demarest arrived at the prison, there have been murders, an increase in contraband, and a lack of discipline among the inmates... and Tillavar knows that Demarest is orchestrating much, if not all of it.

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