royal mail driving policy

This afternoon I received an email from the Royal Mail Escalated Complaints Team informing me that Chris, who had previously visited me at my house, had now carried out the Driving Standards re-training with all driving staff in the Delivery Office which is reassuring to know. To know that the dangerous driver has been retrained would be reassurance enough. Her letter here is in italics and my thoughts are in red. Today 28/08/14, it is sixteen days after the date of the incident, I have received your response with my name, title, and home address all incorrect, after the letter having been returned to Royal Mail via a member of the public who wrote “NOT AT THIS ADDRESS, RETURN TO SENDER” on the envelope. No additional payment will be made for the reduced value of the repaired item. Seen antisocial parking or manoeuvring? Let’s hope that they are able to read this and act on the dangerous actions of their employees, as after all, if me and my entire family were dead now a “we’re very sorry but we can’t do anything about this” letter from the Royal Mail would do far less to help the situation than we can as the public, enforcing local speed limits and reporting dangerous driving. I Received This Royal Mail Follow Up Email. What would cause somebody to rush off like that, as if he was servicing his round he would not have been heading in that direction at such haste. A summary of exclusions where compensation will not be payable for loss is set out below. I am relieved that dangerous driving is taken seriously by the Royal Mail, however in my case this has served to cause the dangerous driver to keep quiet and not reveal himself through fear of losing his job, which means that he may not receive the necessary retraining that is needed if he is never identified. All Rights Reserved. I had no chance to note his registration plate. But he has assured me that he will continue to seek out the driver and have necessary action taken, with the entire team being briefed and prepped in the meantime on road safety. I was incredibly shaken, shocked and upset that this had happened, and as soon as I arrived at my parents house minutes later, I immediately telephoned the Royal Mail to report the driver for his dangerous driving and request that he be removed from the road to prevent him from being a danger to other road users, as he had sped off presumably to continue his round. I found this as I was searching for how to complain – today nearly knocked off my bike by a Royal Mail driver cutting left across me at an advance stop notice. And whilst I acknowledge this has never been about compensation or redress; I am going to send you a cheque for £20.00 which I hope you will spend on Millisent and Gabriele. Chris also explained that the description of the white haired driver leaning over the steering wheel could fit many members of staff as the drivers are either in their young twenties or approaching retirement with few ages in between. But tonight at 5:55pm as I was driving down this road a Royal Mail van decided he had more right to go first (even though I was already in the road) and came straight for me until we were nose to nose where he then sat and refused to reverse back 1 car length to a gap in the road and forcing me to reverse 6 car lengths uphill under I could find a gap!! The Royal Mail are clearly making attempts to rectify the situation, but it would be an incredible injustice if this person were to slip through the net and repeat his behaviour at a later date with possibly fatal consequences.

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