registry of society annual return

Foreign Diplomats shall not serve as Committee Members. How long will they be working here? We appreciate that circumstances can sometimes mean you’re unable to file your financial statements on time. You could also try browsing the Help Centre instead. Read about our fees and how we calculate them. What is the Christian denomination of the proposed society? Societies registered under the Friendly Societies Act 1974 must submit accounts and annual returns by 31 July each year. Any company, association or partnership, consisting of not more than 20 persons formed for the sole purpose of carrying on any lawful business that has for its object the acquisition of gain by the company, association or partnership, or the individual members thereof. Name, address, email and telephone no. Is the membership restricted to any particular ethnic community? Last Updated on 11 Apr 2019. An application can be made to us to have an incorporated society restored to the register, by the society itself, or by a creditor. President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ordinary Member, etc. For societies categorized as below, the majority of the Committee Members must be Singapore Citizens. (Names in Chinese characters must also be provided, where applicable). When filing online, you also have the opportunity to update your addresses and officers’ details. Please provide us with the religious leader's curriculum vitae including his name, NRIC No./Foreign Identification No. Where your society is required by other legislation to file financial statements - for example, when it is an issuer, FMC reporting entity, charity or industrial and provident society - we recommend you seek professional advice. Which option you can use will depend on when your financial statements are due. Will any foreigners be employed? How to submit your annual returns and accounts to the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority. The latest update on the society and its office-bearers. Will the society publish any literature in Singapore for dissemination outside Singapore and vice-versa? In what languages will the literature be published? The Corporate Registry reference number from the certificate of incorporation or annual return form. If you don’t file financial statements, we may take this to mean your society is no longer operating, and remove it from the register. Foreign Diplomats shall not serve as Committee Members. Will the proposed society be conducting any classes? All companies and close corporations are required by law to file their annual returns with CIPC within a certain period of time each year. SingPasses of the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the society. Your online services account allows you to update and manage personal and organisation account details from your online dashboard. You can, however, request a filing extension, using the online service or by using a PDF form which you can download and post or email to us. a co-operative and/or community benefit society – see the, an unregulated friendly society (like a working men’s club, benevolent society or specially authorised society) – see the, the accounts don’t comply with the society's rules, cancel your society registration (the society no longer exists as a legal entity and members lose their limited liability, though friendly societies registered under the 1974 Act do not have limited liability), prosecute the society (if convicted, you may have to pay a fine of up to £1,000 per offence and costs). Any class, society or association of foreign insurers carrying on insurance business in Singapore under any foreign insurer scheme established under Part IIA of the. Any society whose object, purpose or activity, whether primary or otherwise, is to represent; promote any cause or interest of; or discuss any issue relating to a class of persons defined by reference to their gender or sexual orientation. Your society’s rules may, however, require an auditor or reviewer to be appointed. What do they symbolise? A society can submit its annual returns via iROSES. Name of the society (and 2 more alternative names for Normal Registration process), Place of Business (defined as the place where the books and records of the society will be kept), Letters of affiliation, where necessary, in English, Constitution of affiliated body, where necessary, in English, Letters of approval or support from relevant government agencies, schools, organisations, personalities, etc., where necessary, in English, Name, NRIC No / FIN / Passport No., Date of Birth, Title of Office (e.g.

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