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Justice has already been attained for 24 individuals who have collectively spent 303 years in prison. Clarence Arnold Elkins Sr. is an American man who was convicted wrongfully of the 1998 rape and murder of his mother-in-law, Judith Johnson, and the rape and assault of his wife's niece, Brooke. Cynthia received her B.A. SB 1134 creates a more concrete standard of using new evidence to prove actual innocence. [4], NCIP tries to educate anyone and everyone along with the criminal justice community. Please do not call the NCIP office to inquire about the status of an application. Kathleen "Cookie" Ridolfi and Linda Starr worked as trial and appellate attorneys for the criminal justice system. The Northern California Innocence Project looks to primarily protect the rights of the innocent as well as make a more fair, effective and compassionate justice system. Michael "Mike" Semanchik is Managing Attorney at the California Innocence Project (CIP). All Rights The California Innocence Project is a law school clinic, founded in 1999 at California Western School of Law, dedicated to freeing the innocent, training law students, and changing laws and policies in the state of California. The NCIP foresees a criminal justice system that correctly divides the innocent from the guilty along with treating all with their inalienable rights and compassion. Aaron Aguas-Rao received her J.D. The NCIP works on legislative reform that works towards ending the causes of wrongful convictions. They primarily look to exonerate people whose case allows DNA evidence to be available and be retested in the light of an exoneration. Rhonda Dyer customizes, manages and troubleshoots the database programs NCIP uses. California Western School of Law is a Non-Profit Organization under the IRS Code 501(c)(3). Over the years it has given me great joy to see our work go global in an “innocence movement” that grows bigger and stronger every day. Melissa Dague O’Connell  received her J.D. Prior to NCIP, she practiced civil municipal litigation for the City of San Jose and general litigation for Pillsbury Madison & Sutro. The attorney that gets assigned the case will begin organizing and structuring their argument. After an extensive period of information gathering the intake attorney takes the case to the NCIP's Director to do one of the following things: [2]. The Illinois Innocence Project, a member of the national Innocence Project network, is a non-profit legal organization that works to exonerate wrongly convicted people and reform the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice. For help outside of Southern California, refer to the list of other innocence organizations in the United States and the world. The Northern California Innocence Project (NCIP) is a non-profit clinical program of Santa Clara University School of Law. The goal is to reduce the amount of wrongful convictions. Northern California Innocence Project 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95053 Phone: 408-554-4790 General Email: Media Inquiries: © Northern California Innocence Project 2020. Simple expenses like gas money for us to visit our clients in remote prisons,  our phone bill so clients can call us from prison, and copies of transcripts and crime scene photos can add up. O’Connell supervises NCIP students and maintains a caseload of her own focusing on claims of innocence involving DNA evidence. 60% of requests that come to the NCIP end up getting rejected, Next the staff will complete a very in-depth investigation suing the information gathered from the first stage. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the California Innocence Project here. Our project has been deeply involved in Latin America, launching Red Inocenté, a network of innocence organizations throughout the region. Starr worked as a staff attorney at the Sixth District Appellate Program in California and then privately represented indigent criminal defendants on appeal. If this negotiation and collaboration does not work, then the team will move on to litigation. At any point in this stage, the director can close the case. The project was founded through the assistance of volunteers and members of another legal clinic associated through the Santa Clara university School of Law. [6] SB 980 makes it so physical and biological evidence is more accessible to an inmate. They will work with the law students in the legal clinic to develop and enact a strategy for their investigation. Scheck and Neufeld gained national attention in the mid-1990s as part of the so-called "Dream Team" of lawyers who formed part of the defense in the O. J. Simpson murder case. Mission: The mission of the Northern California Innocence Project is to promote a fair, effective and compassionate criminal justice system and protect the rights of the innocent. The Northern California Innocence Project was established after a landmark amendment that was adopted by the California District Court. He was tried again on the Sykes charges in 1991; he was convicted. He was coerced into confessing to the crime when arrested on an unrelated charge a year later. A miscarriage of justice, also known as a failure of justice, occurs when a person is convicted and punished for a crime that they did not commit. Darryl Hunt was an African-American man from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who, in 1984, was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape and the murder of Deborah Sykes, a young white newspaper copy editor. Attempts to exonerate convicts are particularly controversial in death penalty cases, especially where new evidence is put forth after the execution has taken place. The attorney that gets assigned the case will begin organizing and structuring their argument. In this stage, the staff will also try to figure out the legal reason on what the inmate lost their initial case. 500 El Camino Real Northern California Innocence Project (NCIP) | 379 followers on LinkedIn | exonerate. As an independent organization, we must raise funds to continue our valuable work. Get Directions (408) 554-4790. Catherine Marken Boyle graduated cum laude from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Human Biology from Stanford University.

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