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to the basic tariffs. Your Love" was released as the lead single; it contains a sample of British singer-songwriter Annie Lennox's song "No More I Love You's". Because I always felt like if I took care of my mother, my mother wouldn't have to stay with my father, and he was the one at the time, that was bringing us pain. According to the singer, her father had issues with drugs and alcohol and he was abusing her mother, selling their items for drug money, and once, even set their house on fire while her mom was still inside. They wanna see you do your dance 0 0. My young niggas wakin' up to serve that Working with a retained accessibility consultant, it is planning to implement over time the 'Cause Sada can't be jealous off weed, I'm never stressin' She was loud, proud, and vibrantly colorful in an era that was gasping for any semblance of character in our rappers other than 'it's lit.'. Minaj had big dreams not so long ago, and those dreams keep becoming a reality. Source(s): Here was an objectively adorable love song that strikes a sublime balance between pop and rap, offering both bars and boy-talk over a feather-light, Annie Lennox-sampling beat. Moral of the story? The sample is deployed brilliantly, Nicki flat out tells the haters to go and kill themselves, and is present for what will ultimately be his last moment of being relevant, ever. But most importantly, this is a showcase for Nicki letting her most manic impulses go totally beserk, exemplified in the astonishing 12-second run of holding the word "would" while the beat pounds in double time beneath her. The jury is still out on whether this trio is singing about the Urban Dictionary definition of the term 'truffle butter,' but looking at their lyrical track record, would that really be such a leap of the imagination? As we gear up for the release of her long-awaited fourth studio album Queen, now seems as good a time as any to take stock of the very best Nicki Minaj songs. Nine months motherfuckin' pregnant, like, what? She often tells fans "know your worth" (via Goalcast). This nigga makin' me feel erotic (Erotic), To be honest, I hope one day we do a play-date with Adonis, You don't want that real smoke, get your vapin' on, I be in a truck that cost your whole house, Got the Off-White sneakers, rockin' a tan weave, When I come out, grab Simba, it's a stampede. Dirty Money CEO Fendi came across the rapper's Myspace page and signed her. I be in the Bay rollin' Cookies on they ass Much like her previous world-conquering single "Starships," one can only feel bewildered listening to "Anaconda" when assessing the chaotic hodgepodge of its construction, somehow fitting two separate hooks, two separate bridges and an outro that accounts for over a quarter of the song's runtime. [Chorus: Sada Baby] Go to work, hmm, where the work at? These drugs ain't a joke, my nigga, I'm just tellin' you Sources from the Minaj family claim that Nicki's stories are grossly exaggerated. If you do encounter an accessibility issue, please specify the Web page(s) to Got a real Hood Rat Suki on my hands Luckily, superstars like Minaj show no matter what your background is, there's always space to love yourself. Nicki Minaj Hops On The Remix Of Sada Baby’s “Whole Lotta Choppas”. Shortly after, she started writing her own songs. "Pound the Alarm" is an incredible artifact; few other songs spring to mind that somehow encapsulate every single radio trend from 2012 and pack it all down to a four-minute spree of utter chaos. Best Bars: "50 Cent Italian, icy flow/ This is that Run-and-Get-a-Dollar-for-The-Ice-Cream-Cone.". Don't disrespect me and my mans In spite of its disjointed nature, "Starships" remains a captivating listen. Nicki Minaj has recorded songs for four studio albums, one re-issue and three mixtapes, some of which were collaborations with other performers. Best Bars: "Yes, I really do mean that it’s Barbie, bitch/ Ask Mattel, they auctioned my Barbie, bitch.". Told the bitch don't get out her body But even if she was rubbing shoulders with Ye and Jay, it's another thing entirely to link up with Eminem. Best Bars: "Self-righteous and entitled but they swearin' on the Bible/ "Beez in the Trap" is the personification of this skill. It also doesn't hurt that Nicki lowkey turns in some of the best bars she's laid to tape, cramming more puns per minute than the ear can keep up with. They wanna see me do my dance (Bang, bang, bang) The debate over Nicki being our generation's best MC begins right here. It features some of the sharpest bars of her career, and yet it also focuses on a small handful of words that are repeated to the point of parody. They wanna see me do my dance There is a sense of poignancy that courses through each, er, moment of "Moment 4 Life" that runs far deeper than any made-for-radio single has a right to. DZ, DT, Sada keep the bands Is you here right now?/ You a stand-up or is you in your chair right now?". Facts: there has never been a more endearing delivery of the phrase "how do you do that shit?" Off a Perc', hmm, off a Perc' pack Surely Remy also did not count on Minaj's Young Money war chest to back her up, which not only resulted in Nicki brutally taking her down a few notches but in having Nicki share a laugh with Drake about how brutal her takedown is on the track itself. Hmm, get right beside me The production is a combative combo of grating electro and high-octane club beats, presaging the sort of intentionally-abrasive, deconstructed pop that PC Music would soon make its name on not long after. Our website will be tested on a periodic basis with assistive technology such She thrives in scenarios that let her imagination run rampant, toying with production and beats that the ear is not acclimated to and a lexicon that combines far left-of-center references with an (occasionally) self-invented vocabulary. An elite group of Nicki Minaj's songs transcend any genre and border on the nonsensical, hewing far closer to experimental noise than hip-hop per se. address for this purpose at any time without incurring any costs other than the transmission costs according This nigga makin' me feel erotic (Erotic) Best Bars: "Thi-this dude named Michael used to ride motorcycles/ Di-dick bigger than a tower, I ain't talking about Eiffel's.". By the time her debut Pink Friday finally arrived, Nicki had proven twice over that she could roll with the big dogs – as she so memorably put in her queen-making verse on Kanye West's "Monster," "50K for a verse no album out." Thanks for that visceral image, Weezy. It is, in a word, obtuse; two strikingly strong personalities that, while not at odds with each other, are too oblong to fit together. It's sad, Burberry plaid, you in that drip that I already had Nine months motherfuckin' pregnant, like, what? that he doesn't use condoms, instead choosing to finish... elsewhere. Uh (The Coal Cash Collection) Fuck a last minute, gotta book me in advance Don't ever come for Nicki. Least not this kind, I'ma fuck you all night I was stackin' blues, run up Tookies on they ass Pretty little body, but my face look stank © 2020 Best Bars: "I'm a bad bitch, I'm a cunt/ And I'll kick that ho; punt/ Forced trauma; blunt/ You play the back, bitch, I'm in the front.". The veiled metaphor for a relationship as overdose is memorable, to say the least, but little else matters when confronted with that wallop of a chorus. So without further ado, get into our list of the 25 Best Nicki Minaj Songs. Uh, he a freak like Giannis (Giannis) If you wanna celebrate the best, then come toast Minaj collaborated on a series of projects with Lil Wayne, and by 2010 she released her first single "Massive Attack." But there is not a moment of this song that doesn't completely sell; which we can only attribute to the fact that she is a colossal badass. [Verse 4: Sada Baby] 4 years ago. I be in the 'Nellas, G Weed gave me his blessing Bitches imitate me but don't come close We could all use a little more independence and self-respect! She doesn't just disapprove of her haters - she is taking a literal shit on their entire lives. Bang, whole lotta choppers on your ass No, this marks the first collaboration between the two. [Verse 1: Nicki Minaj] Best Bars: "He addicted to hustle, I'm addicted to fame/ Though he packin' that muscle, I'm addicted to brain.". Revisiting Nicki's discography, one is reminded that the first half of Pink Friday... Roman Reloaded is close to perfection; the saccharine EDM-baiting of its latter half distracts from the non-stop banger parade of choice rap cuts that make this record one for the ages. There are at least six pop hooks here that get strung one right after the other, as if Nicki was so determined to make a hit that she eschewed the concept of song structure entirely, opting instead to slam sonic speedballs in succession. I'ma get in that thang, get to slidin' [Chorus: Nicki Minaj] It certainly takes a special person to share their trauma, grow from it, and then uplift others. It was one dead end after another. Heard you used to chew on that thing, Hannibal Lecter I've been proposed to 3 times; asked by 4 boyfriends to have their child. Leave a good tip/ I'mma blow off my money and don't give two shits.". That they can sell the line "Raah, raah like a dungeon dragon" without a whiff of irony speaks volumes to the bare-knuckled intensity they conjure together. accessibility of any particular Web page on our website, please contact us at

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