lm2500 cross section

The gas generator section of the LM2500 is composed of the following EXECPT? The turbine (and exhaust) section. The turbine section of the gas turbine engine has the task of producing usable output shaft power to drive the propeller. We look forward to provide you with the best available answers and solutions. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website.You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. We have all national and international qualifications and certifications in place. VBR Turbine Partners provide an alternative with our on-site hot section inspection and exchange services. The LM2500™ consists of a sixteen-stage compressor, a fully annular combustor, a two-stage high-pressure turbine and a high-efficiency power turbine. Call: +31 88 010 9070 | fieldservice@vbr-turbinepartners.com, Need assistance? “Safety First” VBR Turbine Partners prides itself in having an exemplary safety record. On the cross beam under the compressor front frame. The struts of the GE LM2500 compressor front frame provide passages for all of the following mediums except? The package is preassembled and tested in our facility to minimize on-site assembly time. Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website. Six stage LP turbine. We share our extensive LM maintenance know-how and experience with you so you can take well-informed decisions on the best way forward for you. LM2500 Gas Turbine ISO performance based on natural gas with water injection to 25 ppmvd NOx. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that at a certain point the hot section is no longer adequate and needs to be overhauled or replaced. With over 2000 units sold and 40 million hours of operation, the LM2500 is a highly successful and well proven aeroderivative turbine. LM2500 (+, DLE) gas turbines require regular periodic inspections to ensure their ongoing effective operation over time. 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The compressor section 3. Regional airline Widerøe is crucial to keeping the country connected. Compliance: MTU implements new whistleblower system, WIDERØE BRINGS NORWAY TOGETHER, NOW WITH NEW E2 JETS. The PGT25+/LM2500+G4 is a proven design based on LM2500 gas generator technology with more than 100 million industrial operating hours, and aircraft engine experience with over 350 million flight hours. Our full service portfolio includes gas turbine spare parts, field services (mechanical & controls), commissioning & alignment, maintenance & repair, instrumentation & controls, condition monitoring and consulting & training. The LM6000’s design allows full speed range capability from 50-105% of the rated speed of 3600 RPM. Page 18: Main Components The LM2500™ is a GE industrial gas turbine which derives from the CF6-6 aircraft engine. The product family, which includes LM2500, LM2500+, and LM2500+G4 units, boasts over 2,100 units shipped and more than 75 million hours of operating experience. You can connect with us by telephone, email or online visual applications. Marine applications include propulsion of navy vessels, ferries and cruise ships. About the GE MS9001: The General Electric LM2500 is a twin-spool, axial-flow, aeroderivative, 50/60 Hz industrial & marine gas turbine and gas generator in the 20-40 MW range. The LM2500™ gas turbine is the most popular aero-derivative in the 20 to 25 MW class. LM6000 (PA, PB, PC, PD, PF). Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! The LM2500 gas turbine family of models can deliver 24-31MW of electricity when coupled with a generator for power generation and mechanical drive in pipeline, plant, platform and marine applications. Hot section exchange. The LM2500(+) gas turbine is extremely reliable and long lasting. VBR Turbine Partners are a competence center for improving maintenance on General Electric LM2500(+) aero-derivative gas turbines. We look forward to provide you with the best available answers and solutions. LM - Land and Marine. Shutting down the operation and shipping the engine to a OEM licensed overhaul depot is very costly and time consuming. We have LM2500 training courses and LM2500 training videos to help train your staff. This enables VBR to guarantee safe delivery of our high quality gas turbine maintenance solutions and maintenance services. General Electric’s power plant, platform and marine versions of their flight engines. Fuel oil. LM2000 LM2500 LM2500+ Power Output (kWe) 18,000 22,000 30,500 Heat Rate LHV (Btu/kWe-Hr) 9,900 9,465 8,850 Exhaust Flow (lbs/sec) 134 149 191 Exhaust Temperature (0F) 927 990 960 Emissions (ppmvd) NOx/CO NOx/CO NOx/CO Gas-DLE 25/25 25/25 25/25 Where are the CO2 nozzles located in the GE LM2500 gas turbine enclosure? For a LM2500(+) fitted with a properly dimensioned steam injection system, VBR provides a smart optimized steam injection retrofit as a cost-effective solution to comply with the IED. The airliner derived LM2500 made its first appearance propelling navy ships, now in its power-production configuration, it has fast start capability and increased output from the original 23MW to 30MW. Its fleet now features new E2 jets. Ease of maintenance and high unit availability. The LM2500 is available in 3 different versions: The LM2500 delivers 33,600 shp (25,100 kW) with a thermal efficiency of 37 percent at ISO conditions.When coupled with an electric generator, it delivers 24 MW of electricity at 60 Hz with a thermal efficiency of 36 percent at ISO conditions. Continuing the tradition of the established record of GE’s LM2500, the LM6000 is ideal as a source of drive-power for pipeline compression, offshore platform and gas re-injection, as well as for LNG compressors. It has been maintained and repaired by MTU since 1981. The combustion section (the combustor) 4. The LM2500™ is a GE industrial gas turbine which derives from the CF6-6 aircraft engine. In addition, it must also provide power to drive the compressor and all engine accessories. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences.

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