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:sign [0 bis 14] – Der Habbo zeigt das Schild mit der entsprechenden Zahl- 11 ist das Herz-Schild und 12 das Totenkopf(/Bobba)-Schild. Diese Befehle sind in drei Kategorien zu unterteilen. Habbo is in the HOUSE! This is just one of many. Typing :mutebots, makes it so you cannot see the speech said by. This will change the language of your Habbo client. Opens the Habbo news feed inside the client. HabboBites is a community-based fansite for Habbo Hotel! Read more. For example, typing ":sign Habbo" will result in this. Administrators of a group cannot use this command however. Makes the user's Habbo display a sign with numbers 0 to 10. Find the best Habbo retros in town! Ändern ), Du kommentierst mit Deinem Twitter-Konto. Sign In; Register; Habbo Retros. REGISTER FOR FREE. These codes when said inside the client triggers the message it was originally intended to be used for. This command allows Habbos to mute all bots in the room for the session. Depending on the language you have selected, a flag icon will be in the menu bar. Opens a window which displays the name of every user and pet in a room. ur leichteren Bedienung des Habbo Hotels gibt es diverse Befehle, die mit der Tastenkombination „:+Befehl“ ausgeführt werden. DE - German Note: There are varied commands for some of the other pets, such as the 'Chick' can do a 'Chicken dance' where as other pets cannot. This means you can even eject other Habbo's furni without having to manually eject. Most commands in Habbo are used for moderation, but there are a few for normal players. Read more. Administrators of a group cannot use this command however. The pet will find a placed toy and play with it. The pet goes on its hind legs and begs for a treat, The pet stays at its current location and doesn't move, The pet assumes a natural position on all four legs, The pet speaks, displaying it in a speech bubble, The pet positions its body to the left side, The pet positions its body to the right side. Username; Password Sign in; Remember me; Register for free; I forgot my password/username 20 Habbos online now! The other type of commands are Alt Codes which replace the text with a symbol in chat. This page was last edited on 7 January 2020, at 01:47. NL - Dutch. Habbo uses its own and third-party cookies in order to provide a better service and display advertisement that fits your preferences. This is the place where you can express yourself with a wild and unique variety of stickers, hoot yo trap off with colourful notes and showcase your Habbo rooms! https://habbo.fandom.com/wiki/Alt_Codes?oldid=232780. Come and find out why we're #1. roleplay casinos hourly events always online fun friendly latest furni 2,326 www.habboon.pw ‏‏‎ Gibt man :sign 13 oder :sign 14 ein, hebt der Habbo die Hand ohne ein Schild darin.

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