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CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW No.60, RAJAJI SALAI, CHENNAI - 600 001. Passive RFID E-Seals have no battery and its reading range is upto 10 meter. Ltd. We’ve always worked closely with our customers and we understand the challenges you are facing today: the competitive global environment, rising energy costs, tighter emissions and high staff costs. (044) 25212033 / Ext.4296 & 4507 We specialize in door deliveries, especially for USA, Canada & UK, with the most competitive trucking and railing rates, backed up further by our strong network of overseas agents, who go out of their way to ensure timely delivery of your goods to the final door location. Chennai Central (officially Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G. It is a radio frequency device that transmits container information when interrogated by an UHF RFID static gateway reader or handheld RFID reader devices. Multiple ports can be added through handheld device for capturing RFID seal data, Automatically stores date and time of scanning details of RFID seal. Call: 9899165082 for any query. The passive RFID E-Seals need to have the following function. Fuel is one of the most stolen commodities in the world. Safe and on time delivery of your goods is our primary concern. In case of Ex-bond Bills of Entry, the OOC will be given by Superintendent (Bond Section). Prior to sale, these certifications along with unique series of the seals needs to be submitted to Risk Management Division and to all ports where the vendor intends to operate. The manufacturer/ vendor of such seals should be in possession of certification required for conformance of the ISO standard ISO 17712:2013 (H)specially of specific clauses of the standards. As reading and writing identification numbers of container RFID seals are not feasible if done manually and time consuming also, these seals are the best solution for identification and security of containers. Handheld provides feature for quick generation of reports. Currently we have many offices located in India, strategically positioned to service nation-wide & global customer needs around the clock. Cotecna is pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority stake in Kaixin Certification (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Cotecna is a global provider of inspection, testing, technical assistance and digital solutions, aiming to ensure traceability, security and conformity of certain goods across the public and private sectors. It combines mechanical security of standard seals with the electronic security offered by RFID. Cotecna is pleased to announce the signature of an extension of two contracts with customs in Burkina Faso, for cargo tracking and scanning services. RFID Seal conforms to ISO 17712:2013 (H) & ISO/IEC 18000-6 Class 1 Gen 2 Standards and readable with UHF (860 MHz to 960 MHz) Scanners. Our own branches and reliable and dedicated associates country wide give us an edge to quote the most economical transport & freight rates to our clients for door to door shipments. ... or seal number of the container and integrity of the seal as the case may be, and proceed to give out of charge after the Importer/CHA complies with the CCRs and produces the required documents. Read the very latest business news, articles, event information and other media from Cotecna. Ltd. to promote CN’s rail network as a gateway into North America. Quality As many as 1,654 cases of the total cases were from Chennai. Discover four ways fuel is illicitly traded, and how fuel marking helps solve it. Innovation. Work with us to feel and know the difference, with our automated system alerts, documents and reports sent to you on email to keep you updated and give all information which you require from time to time as your cargo moves from the booking stage to the point of getting delivered to your buyer. We have dedicated staff familiar with all custom rules and formalities, import-export policies, import duty structure, duty refund procedures and regulations, resulting in quick clearance times of your consignment. This information need not be mounted in the seal but tagged to seal using a web/ mobile application to be provided by the vendor of the RFID seals. Tamil Nadu Chennai Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest News Live Updates Today, Chennai Lockdown Guidelines, TN Corona Virus Cases News Updates: Tamil Nadu reported a highest single-day spike of 2,865 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday taking the total number of cases to 67,468. We take pride in building strategic long-term client relations. Cotecna provides state-of-the-art and reliable analytical services to guarantee food safety along the whole of the food supply chain. All Right Reserved. Seal should conform to ISO 17712:2013 (H) and ISO/ IEC 18000-6 Class 1 Gen 2 standards and should be readable with the use of UHF (860 MHz to 960 MHz) reader scanners. Reports can be filtered by Shipping details, Date and Time of Sealing, Destination Station, and Container no. We are the manufacturer of CBIC approved RFID container seals, and we provide the highly reliable premium quality RFID container seal, and the container security solution for the authentication and security of the containers used for exports (Customs). 3M dental products and supplies are designed for professionals who are committed to providing quality dental care and improving their patients’ oral health. Canon India Pvt. We deliver independent inspection and testing services for the mineral, metal and fertiliser industries throughout the supply chain. Cotecna is a leading testing, inspection and certification company with over 40 years experience helping clients trade safely and securely worldwide. RFID E-Seal used for containers,to prevent theft and tampering of goods, RFID Security Seal Trucks and trailers, for access control, speeding up gate-in / gate-out operations in terminals, hubs, ports, and protecting goods, Facilitate trade and Reduce Custom clearance time, Standard: ISO17712:2013, ISO9001:2015 (including Clause 6), Tamperproof High Security RFID E-Seal for one time use only, ID Tech Solutions Pvt. CN Rail have partnered with Crest Container Lines Pvt. Ramachandran Central Railway Station), formerly known as Madras Central (station code: MAS), is the main railway terminus in the City of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.It is the busiest railway station in South India and one of the most important hubs in the country. 26/2017, 36/2017, 37/2017-CUSTOMS). The use of seals to secure container doors or valves is widely spread and has proved its effectiveness for a long time now, yet Customs authorities are still inevitably challenged by illicit behaviours. Capture and register RFID seal date through handheld device like Shipping details, Date and Time of Sealing, Destination, Station, Container no., and Truck no.

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