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© Valve Corporation. Sometime before the disappearance of Gatarna, Lucan III ordered his Imperial Protectors to secret his pregnant daughter, Lucca, away from the vessel prior to its jump. The decisive battle of the war came in 861 AE in the Antares system where USN won a desperate victory over the beleaguered remnants of the AISN, destroying the Imperial worldship Andromedeus, flagship of the Andromedeus clan, and dubbed "impenetrable" for nearly two-centuries. In order to do this, the Federation clandestinely sponsored Antony Roderis, a radical ex-cardinal of the Church of Ios, exiled for his increasingly violent sermons, to assume the mantle of First Sword within Crusader hierarchy, effectively placing him in control of the entire sect. :). By building bunkers and planetary-defense guns into the mountains themselves, Federated troops would be difficult to dislodge even with a heavy ground-invasion. It was believed that Emperor Lucan Andromedeus IV and his immediate family had all been killed with the destruction of the worldship and mobile battle-fortress Andromedeus in the Battle for Antares. This Database, available to you here so you can access all information stored within. The Antareans are the oldest and proudest colony of man, and also the largest single political entity in the galaxy. In the same year, the AF began privately training personnel for a new, independent navy. Followers of the church treat this date with an even deeper reverence, as an emperor’s ascension to power is viewed as a sign from god of the indomitable spirit of the Antarean people. Over the next ten years the 17 core-systems were authorized to send representatives of their worlds to attend parliamentary proceedings, despite heavy opposition from more conservative coalitions. From commanding the battle standing on the bridge of your flagship, all the way down to serious infantry firefighting, AFF brings together all the war you ever loved, giving you the control you never had. Still, it was unclear how he would come to power, especially with the climate of strife that surrounded the Federation. The war itself was caused by a variety of factors. More seamless transitions between capital ship interiors and space - animated launch sequences for all fighters, all the way from the flight deck out into space. In fact, Mosheim, the planet’s largest city, was located almost a kilometer deep in the middle of the Garam Sea, and stretched out for miles. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Gameplay mechanics designed as a mix of modern elements (customization, loadouts, persistence) and inspirations from classic shooters (frantic, fast-paced firefights). Welcome to the Angels Fall First Universe Wiki, an extensive reference of our vast universe, currently hosted in the site of one of our projects, AFF: The Second Antarean War. USN ships were expelled from Federation space and League diplomats and other personnel were expelled from Federation worlds. Unrest on many of the core worlds of the Antares cluster lead to the induction of several new representatives from Antares to the parliament in 874 AE. The first spark of Antarean revolutionary ideals first manifested themselves in 944 AE at the height of the ULP's undeclared war with the Solesian Hegemony over the worlds in the so-called Delurr Pocket, a tumultuous region of space which had long been a source of piracy which plagued the ULP's frontier worlds of the 6th District. Having earned several field-promotions for bravery, he went on to serve as the Executive Officer aboard the battlecruiser Dawn Star. In the many cases where her calls were answered with silence, her White-Wing Foundation took a strong hand in assisting the worlds in most dire need of assistance. This edition is highly sought after by collectors and in 2012 a copy was sold for $1137.23 on eBay. As was custom, his genetic code was submitted to family researchers at the moment of his birth. With the AF supplying Roderis and his zealots with arms, materiel, and tactical information, the Crusaders were consistently able to carry out their missions while avoiding a response by ULA ground forces or the USN fleet. AFF is a vast FPS that lets you battle it out with everything from giant starships all the way down to gritty infantry combat. We've spread a special objective in some maps for this event! Several assault task-forces were dispatched and it was hoped that the region would calm under such a strong military presence. An outbreak of hostilities between the previously subdued and forcefully integrated Antarean Empire and the alliance of several stellar states known as the United League of Planets. Coupled with outright discrimination, this institutionalized inequality among the captured worlds proved a fertile breeding ground for discontent. As more and more planets clamored for Federation or League protection, the stage was set for a showdown. After several pro-League groups attempted a coup, open fighting erupted in several major population centers. The signatories included the Democratic Union of Fellbar (DUF), Republic of Cinnabar (RC), Taurian Confederation (TC), Kingdom of Mournecreek (KC) and the Polaris Concordat (PC). By late 968 AE it had become clear to Federation Intelligence that Antony Roderis and his Crusader movement were becoming increasingly more violent and difficult to control. Undeterred, the PWU stood firm and the Commodore advanced his ships further in-system, fully intending to dock his marine platoons with the station to overpower the activists. Third; the official political rhetoric coming from the Federation itself was highly critical of the actions of the Crusaders, which it characterized as “dangerous separatists”. Even before the discovery of faster than light travel via subspace, and later hyperspace, has the expansion of humanity been rapid. Led by the young emperor Maruis Lucan Andromedeus XIV they are determined to resist the unification led by the United League of Planets and to reclaim lost territories. On the world’s surface, opinion was split over whether decision to look to Federation or ULP for help. XD. His calls for a renewed Empire would reverberate throughout the cosmos. A month later, conflict with ULP ended, as a ceasefire was brokered for a war that, officially, had never begun. In a war on heaven, angels fall first. [3] In the resulting chaos, the long lost heir to the Antarean throne reappeared, solidifying the Antarean revolt as well as throwing the regions into a full-scale war. Lucca gave birth to a healthy infant son three months later, ensuring the Andromedeus line would not die out in an instant. 19. To counter this threat, only seventy-six Federated craft. This support often came at high price. So there is a wiki dedicated to the games lore. Completely undetected by Federation Intelligence, Marius Andromedeus would serve with distinction in the thickest of fighting, somehow managing to survive while all the ships around his own were burned to dust by the superior firepower of the massed USN fleet. Several of its maps take place on planet surfaces, primarily focused on combined arms warfare, featuring Fast-Attack vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers, Tanks and atmospheric Gunships. Angels Fall First - Database. It had been among the first worlds to clamor under the wing of the Federation and for the duration of the conflict served as a major fleet-base and supply node. The database has pages on almost everything AFF related, including a multitude of files, informational briefings, entries, explanations, and other intelligence on the Angels Fall First Universe. Posted by 5 months ago. This Database, available to you here so you can access all information stored within. While they still received support independently from several sources, Crusader craft could no longer move with impunity. Angels Fall First - Projects. Despite the fast reaction by USN and ULA forces, the uprisings continued unabated, and spread like wildfire to grip the entire sector, with no apparent cause. From these under-sea locations, Federation troops could hide almost indefinitely from aerial and space-based sensors. Previously a mod of Epic Games' first-person shooter Unreal Tournament 3,[1] AFF has since been moved to the Unreal Development Kit and was released on Steam's Early Access on 10 October 2015.[2]. Wide selection of weapons and tools, ground vehicles and spacecraft to fight with. It was in this climate that the Crusaders of Ios evolved from pure religious fanatics into an organized subversive network dedicated to the restoration of the glory of the Antarean Empire. Marius had won the battle of Halifax. Still, defeat should have been inevitable, given the size of the USN fleet facing the Antarean forces.

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