Simple Steps to Listen to Audiobooks With Kindle Unlimited

You can read books using audiobooks or eBooks in a number of different formats. The audiobooks make it easier to finish the books you want but don’t have time. eBooks allow us to keep multiple books close at hand so that there is never a dull moment. People usually have a preference to which one they use but with Kindle Unlimited, you don’t actually have to choose. You can even listen to audiobooks using Kindle. If you don’t know how this article will give you simple steps to listen to audiobooks with Kindle Unlimited.

How to Find Audiobooks for Kindle Unlimited

Enjoy the benefits Kindle Unlimited audiobooks by simply looking for the ‘With Narration’ icon on Kindle book pages. The catalogue includes audiobook companions that are free to download. You can find over 50,000 Kindle ebooks that include audiobook narration. 

The book can be read as well as listened to simultaneously. It might seem like a waste of time, but this book is perfect for learning to read or learning a new language.

Whispersync Voice via Audible

Whispersync will sync all your devices automatically to the last point that you’ve read or listened. You can now switch between your audiobook or eBook and vice versa.

So, when you stop reading at night but want to listen to the same book on your drive to work in the morning, you don’t have to manually try and find the page you were on before you fell asleep. You think that’s quite clever?

Whispersync – How to Set It Up

  1. You can download the audiobook to your Kindle Reading App, Audible Reading App, or both. Look for the headphone icon to find out which audiobooks are available free. It will have “With Narration” attached to it.
  2. After you’ve downloaded Audible narration launch the audiobook. Simply click on the book icon to switch from listening to reading.
  3. Sometimes you may be prompt with an alert when you open the audiobook you want. This will give you the location of the last audiobook. You will be asked if this is the last place you wish to visit. You can click OK. Once you click “OK” you will be taken to the last synced location of your Kindle Unlimited book. After clicking “OK”, you will be taken to the last synced location of your Kindle Unlimited book.

I should point out here that only free audiobooks will have the “With Narration” icon. Whispersync companions will be available for other audiobooks but they will need to paid.

Alexa, listen to Kindle Books

Yes, that’s right, you can ask Alexa to read to you. Amazon Echo smart speaker devices can be used to allow Alexa, the voice assistant of Amazon, to read your Kindle books. It is obviously not going be as great as the human narration provided by Audible, but it might be an option if there isn’t an audiobook available or you don’t want to pay for it. You can listen to certain Kindle titles with Alexa, including eligible books purchased from the Kindle store, borrowed from Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, borrowed from Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading, and shared with you in your Family Library.

Alexa can pick up where you left off with the last book you read on another Kindle device if you have already finished reading it. 

The book can be controlled by your voice. These are some commands that you can use to control the book reading:

  • Start reading the book “Alexa, play the Kindle book Simple Steps to Listen to Audiobooks With Kindle Unlimited” 
  • To control the playback “Alexa, pause/skip/stop/resume”
  • To control playback speed: “Alexa, speak slower/speak faster/speak at your default rate”

Let us conclude by saying: now that you know how to switch up the way you digest your books, there’s no such thing as not having time to read. Whether you are at home, or the gym or even shopping, there’s a way to read that book you’ve always wanted to. There are many advantages to reading. It can help us escape from our daily lives, teach, learn and grow, and it is a great way for us all to have fun. It is a huge advantage to be able to read ebooks as well as listen to audiobooks. What are you waiting to do? You can start reading right now. Check out our book lists to find great selections. Also, read our articles on how to get back into the habit of reading and how you can love it. Enjoy!