Kindle Unlimited VS Audible: The Ultimate Guide

Okay, before we start… Amazon owns both Kinde and Audible, so regardless, they’re the real winner here.

Bezos, you did a great job. You did a great job.

However, the days of carrying around large hardcover books all day are long gone. Thank goodness for that.

Now we’re in The golden age Audiobooks and ebooks

In this post, we’ll look review both Audible and Kindle Unlimited, and then compare the two. We’ve and boiled it down to the main points that matter so that you can get a better understanding of the differences between Kindle Unlimited vs. Audible.

I’m a paying member of both services and use them both for different things.

TL;DR: Don’t want to read the whole thing? That’s fine.

Because they’re so different, there’s no ‘one winner.’ If you’re into audiobooks (like me), then Audible It is by far the best option. But if you’re an avid e-reader, then Kindle Unlimited It is a great choice.

Audible Review

In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, Audible is one of the world’s most popular sellers of audiobooks, if not the largest.

Audible Studios has been able to finance and support its production arm. This has allowed it to take the top spot in the world as the biggest producer of downloadable audiobooks.

In 2008, Audible was bought by Amazon for an estimated cost of $300 million to become one of Amazon’s subsidiaries.

There are many ways to access Audible, including on these platforms: Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsAnd Windows Phone.

Audible’s products are available in AA format.aa AAX Format.aax).

Audible Review #books

What is the Work of Audible?

  1. You can get an internet-connected phone or laptop.
  2. This is how to use it free trial link Register to Audible
  3. You can visit and download the app to your smartphone
  4. Look up the book title you’d like to read and purchase it
  5. Enjoy the audiobook that you have purchased

Tip: Before buying a product from Audible, you need to make sure that you’re signed in with an Amazon account.

Once you’ve pinpointed the book you’d like to buy, you can use credit you receive from Audible, your credit card, or a combination of both.

Please note that if you’re an IOS user, you can only purchase audiobooks via the Audible desktop or mobile website, not the app.

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you can now head to the Audible app and search for the purchased titles in your Audible Library or under Cloud. Have you found your purchase title? Now tap the title to start downloading. The audiobook will be downloaded and you can start reading it.

Here’s a comparison of Audible and Blinkist.

Why is Audible so special?

Audible has some distinctive features that set it apart from all the others.

These features are designed to elevate the user’s experience. To further understand what these features have to offer, let’s briefly breakdown a few of them.

Select books

Audible offers the most books of any audiobook site.

I have not seen a book on Audible that’s available elsewhere in my many years of listening.

Access Offline

You can listen to your downloaded titles from anywhere, at any time. Moreover, this feature doesn’t come at an added cost to your membership. And the best part about this feature is that you’ll be receiving no ads whatsoever while listening, which allows you to enjoy a smooth listening experience.

Whispersync Voice

Whispersync allows you to toggle between your Kindle reading and the audio version with a single tap.

This feature is extremely useful for those times when you need additional information but are too busy to see.

Simply grab your headphones and tap the button to start the audiobook.

This feature is ideal for when you’re in your car, in the gym, or at work.

Note that the Kindle ebook must be purchased along with the corresponding Audible edition to enable sync between audiobook and Kindle ebook. This is also known as having a paired version. This feature can only be used with voice enabled devices, so it is not available to all.

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Customizable Listening Speed

You may have to alter the volume of your audio narration at times.

You do this so that you digest the information that’s being spoken entirely or to speed things up a notch so that you can finish listening to the book in a short time.

Well, you can do that with Audible’s customizable listening speed function.

You can choose how fast you want the audiobook to play on Audible. Simply tap the ‘Narrator Speed’ icon on your phone, a window will pop up with a bunch of different speed variations that include 0.5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, and 3x. To convert audiobooks to Audible, you can use the Audible Converter.

Over time, you’ll find that you can increase the listening speed. I’ve been using Audible for a while now and have never had any issues listening at double the speed.

Timer for Sleep

It’s astonishing the number of people that find it almost impossible to fall asleep without having a voice in their ears.

If you’re one of those people, then you must be familiar with waking up in the morning to find that your phone’s battery is completely drained.

The sleep timer function grants you the ability to set the time at which you’d like your device to stop playing the audiobook.

Alternatively, you can this function to stop pause the narration at the end of a chapter, so that you don’t lose track of your progress.

How easy is it to use Audible?

After setting up your account, you’ll notice that the Audible design doesn’t come with a learning curve at all. It’s relatively straightforward and effortless to use on all platforms. Following a few minutes of use, you’ll be able to access your audiobooks easily.

The Audible website

You can navigate through the Audible site from a smartphone or a computer to find your way around their audio entertainment collections and lists.

how does audible work

You can also search for a specific audiobook you might want to get using the book’s title or by using the author’s name. You can also access a variety of other resources on the site, such as a help center It contains all instructions and guidelines that you require.

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Audio App

The interface for the Audible app looks very much like a music-player’s, making it intuitive and easy to use.

Audible App

The phone app is not able to make purchases, or to return books. This can only be done online.

Even worse, if you’re an IOS user, you cannot make in-app purchases at all. This is something that we’re definitely looking forward to being improved upon.

Produktdescription Page

Audible provides a page for each product. This page provides all information about the book. You’ll also find a brief preview that encompasses the story plot or the objective of the paper that you’ve clicked on.

Audible product page

Customer Reviews


Audible, an Amazon product offers ratings and reviews on all titles. The reviews are a great way to look at the book’s feedback.

This is especially helpful when you don’t really know what you’re getting or when you’re not familiar with a specific author.

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Which Membership Options Are There?

Note: The country you’re purchasing from may alter the audible offers and prices.

An Audible membership allows you to buy audiobooks for Audible credit. This is a monthly gift that they send out.1/month). Aside from using Audible credit to buy audiobooks, members can also pick 2 Audio Originals Every month. Let’s take a lot at the subscription plans that Audible has to offer. For more information on how to join Audible, click here click here.

Free Trial of Audible

The Audible free trial gives you 30 days of experiencing Audible’s features and everything it has to offer before you decide to jump on a membership plan. During the trial period, you’re given 2 credit points that you can use to purchase products with and 2 Audible Originals.

Gold Monthly

You get a monthly subscription to this service 1 Every month, you get one credit point. By playing more fees, you can earn even more credit points. The Gold Monthly Membership allows you to store all of your books for life and can be listened to offline with no advertisements. This membership plan can be stored up to 5 You will receive credit points to your account

Platinum Monthly

You get a monthly subscription to this plan Do it twice The credit points you get from the Gold Monthly Plan. Additional fees may be required to obtain more credit points. The additional fees for a Platinum plan are less than those of the Gold Monthly plan.

This membership plan can be kept active for up to 12 You can earn credit points on your account. The plan is very well-liked by users.

An Gold Annual

You will receive 12 credit points with this yearly subscription. You can store as many as 18 credit points as you like in your account, as long as the plan is active.

An additional charge per credit point is possible to get credit.

Platinum Annual

The yearly subscription plan provides 24 credit points. By using this annual subscription plan, you’ll be able to save up to a two-month worth of membership fees. The Platinum Annual plan is highly recommended for keen listeners who can’t seem to get enough of audiobooks.

Audible Escape Subscription

It allows binge-listeners to borrow up 10 romance titles.

You can then return the borrowed books when you’re done listening to them and pick more to listen to afterward.

What are the benefits of membership?

Audible offers its members a variety of benefits which are extremely convenient. We’ve already shed some light on a couple of them, but let’s go over each one briefly.

  • Monthly/Yearly Audio Credit Can be traded for one-volume audiobooks
  • Members get a discount For all Audible members, 30% off on your regular orders
  • The Audiobook Exchange: members can exchange titles they’re unsatisfied with. No questions asked.
  • Save Unutilized Credits You can keep for one year any credit issued on or after April 1.
  • Audio Originals Members can choose from 2 of the 6 original Audible Originals every month

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Additional Membership Details

Your membership plan will determine how many credit points you can use to transfer to the following month. Five credit points are for Gold Monthly memberships, ten for Platinum Monthly memberships, six credit point for Gold Annual memberships, twelve credit points each for Platinum Annual memberships, and twelve for Platinum Annual memberships.

You can return or exchange a book that you’re unsatisfied with within 365 days from the time of the purchase.

All refunds received are processed the same as any payment. While Audible credit refunds will be accepted immediately, money refunds might take seven to seven days. Note that there’s a limit to the number of returns that you’re allowed to request.

For a maximum of three months, you can place your subscription on hold. After the 3 months has expired, your account will then resume and can’t be put on hold again for another year.

Student memberships at Audible

All students who have been verified by Audible for Students are eligible for a Audible for Students subscription. This membership includes 1 audiobook, 2 Audible originals and audio-guided exercises. Students can exchange audiobooks that they don’t like for free. Sign up to Audible.

Business: Audible

You can provide access for your employees to a large library of business books through the Audible for Business membership. These books can be used by your team to improve their skills or inspire them. Sign up to Audible.

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Read these FAQs.

Does Prime include Audible?

Amazon Prime subscribers have the option to download a selected selection from the Audible catalog as part of their Amazon Prime subscription.

Are Audible Memberships worth the cost?

It is worth every penny, as I am a long-standing customer of Audible. The service is free to test, so it’s hard not to sign up.

Audiobooks are so costly.

You’ve probably noticed the insane pricing of Audible books if you were to buy them outright. Or, even if you’ve seen an audiobook at a local gas station.

Production costs are the main reason for the high price of Audible. Publishing an average book has regular costs. An audiobook publisher must do much more.

An audiobook may cost well above $1000 per hour.

You can listen to unlimited audiobooks on the audible

If you purchase an eBook on Kindle Unlimited that has an Audible companion, you’ll have access to the audiobook. However, Audible doesn’t offer it’s own unlimited’ service as of yet.

How can I pause an Audible account?

You can certainly put a pause to your Audible account. However, you obviously won’t receive any more download credits over that time.

Are you able to listen to the audible from two different devices simultaneously?

Yes. Audible is able to play up to three different mobile devices simultaneously.

How can I use Audible the most effectively?

To make the most out of your Audible account, there are many tricks and tips you can employ.

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Kindle Unlimited Review

If you’re an avid reader, then you’ve probably heard of Unlimited. In this Kindle Unlimited review, we’ll look at Amazon’s subscription platform for e-readers.

If you’d like to learn even more about the platform, you can visit the website and try it for free.

What exactly is Kindle Unlimited, anyway?

In short terms, Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s subscription service for its incredibly vast ebook and audiobook store.

You can sign up for the service at a monthly or yearly fee and you will be able to read all books registered with Kindle Unlimited.

Due to it’s ‘unlimited books’ nature, Kindle Unlimited is a product that is designed for heavy readers.

Unlimited Price for Kindle

Amazon prices can and will change for any product or service at any time.

However, if you’re in America, Australia, or other western countries, you’ll be looking at around The service costs $10 per month.

Amazon’s constant testing of their services in order to provide the best options for buyers is one reason for the fluctuation.

Kindle Unlimited Australia, as shown above is slightly more costly than the American model.

Do you offer Kindle Unlimited a free trial?

Kindle Unlimited is available starting at a 30-day free trial You can try the program to find out if it works for you. You can cancel the program at any time. There’s no contract.

Try Kindle Unlimited For Free

To read Kindle books, do you require a Kindle?

Amazon’s Kindle devices They are the top e-readers available right now. They’re sturdy, reliable and connect straight to your account. A Kindle can make reading an eBook almost feel like you’re curling up with a real book.

Check out this page to view some Amazon Kindle devices. Amazon store.

However, you don’t need a Kindle device to purchase the Unlimited subscription.

Personally, I prefer the free app for my smartphone to read my Kindle books. It works great.

What I love about Kindle Unlimited

There are many things to love about Kindle Unlimited. Below are my top picks for the service.

There’s no need to purchase new books each time.

It is simple to become familiar with Kindle Unlimited’s one-payment solution.

Now, when there’s a new book I want to flick through, I can simply access the title on Unlimited and start reading instantly.

Try Kindle Unlimited For Free

There are many independent authors

If you are a fan of indie authors, Kindle Unlimited will be a great choice. It is now easier than ever to publish a book. Many more authors are publishing their books independently, bypassing traditional gatekeepers.

Many of these amazing titles are registered on Kindle Unlimited.

Audio versions of additional books

This feature is not available in all books, but over 20,000 titles from Kindle Unlimited include an accompanying audiobook.

You can use Audible narration to filter eBooks.

Access your books from anywhere

Access your Unlimited library via wifi

Magazine access

Your Kindle Unlimited subscription also includes a wide selection of magazines. Personally, I’m not much of a magazine reader these days (besides the old airport purchase), but if you like to read magazines like Entrepreneur, they’re included with your subscription.

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What I don’t like about Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited may not be the best choice for everyone, but it is a good option. These are my thoughts on how Kindle Unlimited could be improved.

The $10 a month isn’t as cheap as it sounds

It sounds appealing to pay $10 per month for unlimited access to all books. But, before you go out and get a credit card, think about these.

As mentioned earlier, Kindle Unlimited offers a wide range of independent books.

Indie author books usually sell for less than $5 per copy, while others can be found at as low as $0.99. That means that you’ll have to read a lot of books every month just to make the cost work out in your favor.

So, unless you’re reading over a book every week, then you may think a Kindle is not worth the cash.

One book can not be more than 10 at one time

You can hold ten titles on your Kindle Unlimited plan. While it is unlikely that you’ll ever be reading more than ten books at a time, it does come up.

For example, I went on a holiday not long ago and knew I’d be away from an internet connection for quite a while. I could only bring ten books with me on the trip, which, while not being the end of the world, wasn’t super convenient.

While there are many books out there, not all of them have the same quality.

While Kindle boasts that there are millions of books on Unlimited for subscribers to read, there isn’t the top-notch quality all around the board.

Unlimited makes it easy for you to publish your book. There are many books that look pretty bad on Unlimited.

Furthermore, all of the major publishing houses won’t touch Kindle Unlimited with a 10-foot pole.

Get Your First Audible Book For Free

Compare Kindle Unlimited to Audible.

What are the similarities between Kindle Unlimited and Audible?

Both Kindle Both Audible and Audiobook are available as audiobooks for streaming. They both charge a monthly fee.

Both services offer very reasonable subscriptions, particularly if you’re a bookworm who plans to read a lot of material.

What’s the difference between Kindle Unlimited and audible?

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited book subscription allows you to read as many as ten books per month. You can use it for eBooks or avid readers.

You can subscribe to Audible and purchase audiobooks for a discounted price or download them free.

Is every Kindle book available on Audible

But it’s true. Over 6 million titles are available for Kindle. Some are originals that can only accessible on Kindle. Audible allows you to access almost all audiobooks. So, if the book you want to read is available in audio, you’ll most likely find it on Audible.

Kindle Unlimited VS Audible

Are Audible and Kindle cheaper?

Kindle Unlimited is usually cheaper than Audible’s monthly subscription services. Though the exact prices depend on what country you’re buying from.

With Kindle however, only 10 titles can be borrowed per check. To make the most of your subscription, you will need to read 10 books per month since most books are $0.99 each on Kindle.

You could always read more expensive books on Kindle to get the most value out of your subscription, but with Audible, it’s different.

With AudibleInstead of borrowing books, you can own the books you order. Each month, you get some credits as a subscriber, and you get to use these credits to buy audiobooks – which tend to be more expensive than ebooks anyway. You also receive two Audible Original Audiobooks each month for no cost.

Additional content can be accessed by purchasing more credits. If at the end of the month you haven’t used all of your credits, you could always carry them over to the next month so that not a single credit goes to waste.


Audible offers more bang for your buck than Kindle Unlimited. It’s easy to see why Audible is so popular.

What is your favorite content type?

Kindle Unlimited allows you to have more access to different titles, as Kindle holds over 6 million books. If you prefer to read ebooks rather than streaming them as audiobooks, this can prove very satisfying.

Submitting a book is easier than making an audiobook. There are many ebooks available for purchase, which is why there are so much more than audiobooks.

However, ebooks offer a greater variety of quality.

Audible may be a better choice if you only want to stream audiobooks. On Audible you’ll have access to basically any audiobook. If the book you want to read comes in audio form, it’s on Audible.


Kindle Unlimited provides more than Audible when it comes to sheer volume of titles.

This is because creating an Audiobook is more easy than publishing an eBook.

Cancellation or exchange of policies

You might change your mind about your subscription mid-month, and that’s understandable. You lose everything you have borrowed from Kindle Unlimited if your subscription is cancelled. Highlights, books, and bookmarks are all gone.

Audible allows you to cancel any subscription you have at anytime. However, your audiobooks will be retained. That’s because you actually buy audiobooks with your credits, you don’t just borrow them as with Kindle’s subscription.

Perhaps the best thing about Audible is that if you don’t like the audiobook you bought with your credits, you can very only exchange it for another. Audible offers a convenient exchange policy.


Audible’s refund and exchange policies are world-class. There is no safer purchase than an Audible subscription as you can return any book you don’t like without question.

Kindle Unlimited, Audible: The verdict

Audible wins when you consider price, content and peace-of-mind.

Kindle Unlimited – 1
Audible – 2

The platform that you decide to use is entirely up to your personal preferences.

Personally, I can see. It is not worth paying extra for Kindle Unlimited Subscription if audiobooks are all that you need.

On the same page, if you’re an avid e-reader who can read multiple books every month, then Audible is unnecessary.

Audible’s subscription is a tad more expensive than that of Kindle’s, the value Audible offer is unbeatable in the audiobook space.

So, decide on if you’d rather listen to Audiobooks or read ebooks. You can get both free of charge.

Hell, you can even grab both for around $20 a month, which all in all, isn’t horrendously expensive if you’re a book nerd like I am.

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Get Your First Audible Book For Free