Kindle 8GB vs 32GB: How Many Books it Can Hold

Did you read again in the past year? One of the most essential things you can do is to read. Reading is an excellent way to get information, heal, motivate, or just escape from reality for a while. Access to ebooks has never been easier thanks to audiobooks and ebooks. We can utilise the time that would be otherwise wasted during our commute or wait at the doctor’s office. You don’t have to think about which Kindle you should choose. That’s why in this article, we take a look at the Kindle 8GB vs 32GB. This article will help you get a better idea of the number and types of books that it can hold.

A Kindle is a great way to get the best of both worlds

Let me first say, nothing beats the smell of a book and turning pages with your fingers, I’m not against it by any means – but a Kindle brings so much more to the table. Literally. 

  • If you enjoy reading more than one book, multiple books can be stored on the device.
  • This saves you space in small apartments
  • You can access your account at any moment with ease and instant access
  • The front-lit display and adjustable settings make it easy to adjust, which reduces strain.
  • Adjustable font sizes are available
  • The cost of Kindle books is lower than printing books, which is great news for students looking to buy textbooks.
  • It is possible to find self-published authors you wouldn’t see at a bookshop.
  • Long battery life – you can go weeks before you have to charge your Kindle again

Kindles will revolutionize your reading habits. Because it’s small and lightweight, it can be carried everywhere you go. 

Let’s take a look at how much it actually stores.

How many books does an 8GB Kindle contain?

The 8GB model has 6GB of storage available for the user (the other 2GB are reserved for system files). Amazon does not give a clear number as to how may eBooks this will hold except for saying “thousands”. The type of content downloaded depends on how much. 

Ebooks and plain text documents take up less space than eBooks. A typical Kindle book can be only 2 to 3MB in size. With 6GB available storage you may have between 2000 and 3000 books. You could read almost 8 years if you were to finish a book per day. You will need more space if you have graphic novels, comic books or PDFs with lots of images.

Audio files can take up more space on a Kindle if they are audiobooks. An 8GB Amazon Kindle can store up to 35 audiobooks, depending on its length and quality.


Kindle PaperWhite 8 GB

Check out these top features:

  • 8GB – Enough for 99% of users
  • Rapid charging.
  • Portable and light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Battery life for weeks

How many books does 32GB of Kindle storage hold?

The above information for the 8GB model Kindle should be enough to make you realize that the 32GB version is best for those who read and listen to lots of books. Although the 32GB Kindle uses about 5GB to store system files, there is still 27GB left for the user! That’s a little over 4x more than what you get from the 8GB Kindle. This works out to a whopping 9000 – 13500 ebooks and 150 audiobooks! 

You can clearly see that your choice in storage options is only a function of what you like.

Now that we’ve discussed how many books the Kindle 8GB and 32GB can hold, let’s take a look at the different content types to further narrow down which one will work for you.

There are several types of content to be aware when buying a Kindle


Audiobooks and eBooks offer great benefits for those who enjoy reading. 

  • You can have multiple books on a single device and don’t have to worry about space in your bag or your home. 
  • It’s environmentally friendly if you think about it, as no paper is used
  • It’s actually cheaper (no printing, packaging or delivery costs) and
  • The greatest advantage by far is that you can access it anywhere meaning that it’s possible for you to read wherever and whenever you want to!


You can multitask with audiobooks. It is possible to listen while driving, exercising at the gym, and even grocery shopping. 

Audiobooks are great for improving listening skills and focus, as well as helping with pronunciation and fluency. This makes it a great option for children or even if you’re trying to learn a new language. Companies like Audible Take extra care to choose the right narrators for you.

Comic Books and Graphic Novels

If you didn’t know you could get this on your Kindle too, you’re not alone. It is often forgotten that graphic novels and comic books are a big part of both the audiobook and ebook worlds. You might not be able see them in color, but it does not diminish their enjoyment. 

This is because images can take up much more storage than plain text. However, that doesn’t by any way mean that you still won’t have enough storage. You should have at least 4 to 9 comic books depending on their size. Again, this all depends on how quickly you read them and how many books you wish to have at once. There will be between 19 to 40 comic books on the 32GB Kindle. 

Adobe PDF Documents

Your PDF documents can be read on Kindle. This is an option that’s not often recommended. You won’t be able adjust the font size like normal text. To view the documents at various sizes, you will need to zoom in or out. It’s unclear how many PDF documents you can store on a Kindle, however, it does take up more space than a normal text file. You will also need more space if your PDF has large amounts of graphs and images, just like the comic book.

Now you can see how much books an 8GB kindle holds compared to a 32GB one. I’ve also described the type of content in detail so you can judge which you use more off and which one will take up more storage space on your device. 

As audiobooks consume more space than text books, 32GB is the best size Kindle. Two other aspects are important to remember.

  1. It doesn’t matter if you have all of your books on your device.

Unlimited storage is available in your Amazon account for Kindle books. You only need to have the current books on your device. You can remove a book from your device when you’re done reading it. This frees space to download the next one. You can reread any book by simply downloading it from your library. Easy!

  1. The Kindle isn’t a computer or tablet.

I’m pointing this out purely because sometimes we think that more is necessary. It seems that 8GB, 32GB and even 16GB are not enough storage for smartphones or computers. That would not be enough for a teenager’s selfies these days! Also, apps, media and documents require a lot of storage. The Kindle is not capable of any of those things, but it’s designed to be used for pleasure reading. You can read our review on the Best Tablets to Read eBooks and Comic Books in Colour.

Link to purchase Kindle 8gb or kindle 32gb on Amazon

Kindle 8GB vs 32GB – Price difference

For both the Kindle Oasis and Kindle Paperwhite, you’re looking at about a $30 difference between the 8GB and 32GB options. Also, think about what fits your wallet.

A Kindle eReader, if your passion is reading, will be the best choice.. Each version will let you store thousands upon thousands of ebooks. For those who love audiobooks and books that have a lot of pictures, a 32GB Kindle will be the best choice. Just remember though, no matter how many books you download onto your Kindle, you will always have your books in your account library, they won’t disappear if they’re not on your device! I hope this information helped you make a decision. We wish you all the best and happy reading.