Is online reading a substitute for reading an actual book?

screen vs. paper: what is the difference for reading and learning?


Bookstores have disappeared from business in many places. However, people are still reading, but they are doing it online. Many wonder if reading in front of a screen is the same as reading online.

According to a recent study in the UK, people are more likely to read websites than an actual physical book. The study interviewed 10,000 people across the UK about their reading habits. More than 70% said they read website and email content at least once a month. This is not really a big surprise considering daily reading time that the internet is widely accepted in the UK and in many other countries around the world. When it comes to books, only 47% of respondents said they had read a book in the past month.

paper vs digital reading

Non-fiction books like textbooks and cookbooks still seem to be more popular: 51% of respondents said they had read one in the past month. That doesn’t mean that people do without fiction books and that Romanists are still popular with their fans. There are some people who are concerned about this because the readership of books clearly goes down. However, according to some experts, this is not necessarily negative.

Newspapers are still keeping up to date with the news, but they are increasingly doing it online. This is mainly for convenience as accessing a website is easier than going through a newspaper and finding the news you want to read. In addition, the Internet makes it much easier than finding a newspaper to find related content and stories. For example, if the reader reads an online article about reading is important an upcoming election, they can easily click on another link to see political comments and editorials without having to flip through several pages of a newspaper.

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The availability of electronic books has also provided millions of literary works, some more mainstream, while others target specific audiences such as erotic books. All of these books can be purchased online and read on a computer or mobile device. There are many websites whose sole purpose is to sell electronic editions of books.

He went on to say that if book publishers and authors want their works to be read by people, promote them on the Internet as it has increasingly become. If people just didn’t want to read anymore, there would be no online bookstores today, or at least they wouldn’t have the success and growth they are enjoying. See post Which is better — reading in print or on-screen?