Learn How To Buy An Audible Book For Someone Else

Audible The world’s most widely used distributor for audiobooks right now. It is our favorite platform for audio and we have a great review of the platform if you’d like to learn more.

Have you ever thought about how to purchase an Audiobook as a gift for someone? The process of gifting an Audible book is very simple. Audiobooks are a great gift.

In this article, we’ll quickly go over how to buy an Audible book for a friend or family member. You will find a lot of the information on the Audible site. help centre, It was all checked by me personally, to make sure it still applies.

What to do if you want an Audible book gifted to someone else

Step 1: Visit the Audible store

Ok, so this is simple. However, it is good to know that there isn’t any special storefront for gifts, you can do everything from the main store.

Step 2: Find your chosen book and click the ‘gift’ link

When you find the book you want to gift, you’ll see a link to give the book as a gift.

It can sometimes be difficult to find the link under buttons or in your hand. To be truthful, it was not the first time I saw it when I wrote this article.

Below you will see a screenshot taken from my phone. And don’t worry, I managed to charge my phone in time.

Step 4 – Choose the gift you would like to give your book

The book can be emailed or printed as a coupon and given to the person in person.

Print versions are so personal and I love them.

Step 5: Check again and confirm

Check that all information is correct before you confirm your purchase.

If they are, click confirm and you’ll be sent to the ‘thank you’ page. If you chose the ‘print’ option, you’ll be given further instruction.

Here are some FAQs about giving an Audible book to someone as a gift.

Here are some frequently asked questions about gifting an Audible audio book.

What Audible credit can I use to purchase a gift?

Yes. You can buy an Audible audiobook as a gift and use all credits that you might have.

If you don’t have any credits, you can still use your credit card and save money with Audible’s member rates.

What is the best way for the recipient to redeem their gift?

The instructions to redeem the gift will depend on if you’ve ordered an email or print voucher. Instructions are included with the coupon/email and are very simple.

What happens if I’m gifted an Audible audio book that I already have?

Don’t stress, if you’re gifted an Audible book you already own, you’ll be given a credit.

Final Thoughts

This article is about Audible Book is an excellent gift, and this article will show you how to present a book.

Learn more about Audible you can check out the website.