Hardcover vs Paperback – Which Is Best?

You’ve come across hardcover and paperback books at a bookstore and probably wondered why there are two types of book. You have probably also have wondered what the difference is between the two. The price is not the only difference. The price for hardcover books can exceed the cost of paperback copies. In this article, we’ll […]

Does Audible Work With Amazon Prime?

Did you know that $20 can be found in an old jacket? Amazon Prime Membership is like that jacket. It’s a gift that never ends. In this article, we’ll look at what parts of Audible you get with your Amazon Prime membership. Does Amazon Prime include Audible? Many people ask if Amazon Prime members include […]

Do Amazon Prime Members get Free Audiobooks?

If you are a fan of Amazon Prime, you’ve probably wondered do Amazon Prime members get audiobooks? You are lucky to be a prime member, and you can also get Audible podcasts and audiobooks at no extra cost. In this article, we’ll discuss Audible’s relationship with Amazon Prime and how you can access your books. […]

Does Kindle Paperwhite Emit Blue Light?

Blue light has a negative effect on your eyes, as we all know. People want to know if Kindle Paperwhite produces blue light. The Kindle Paperwhite works just like any other touchscreen device. unfortunately emit blue light. It is however at a lower level than smartphones, tablets or other Kindles, e-readers, and other tablets. Are […]