Audible vs. Blinkist: What Is The Best Way To Learn On The Go?

TBlinkist, Audible and other apps are two of the top ways to read on the move.

They both have their pros and disadvantages, so which is better for you?

If you’re anything like me, you understand the value that a good book has. But it can be hard to find time to read.

That has opened up a market for ways to consume books quickly, while you’re on the go.

Two of the most popular services are Amazon’s Audible platform, along with Blinkist. 

These tools are used by me when I write summaries on this website. 

Here, we’ll compare Blinkist vs Audible and see which is the best choice for you.  

The winner

If you don’t want to read the whole article but want to know who wins, It really depends on what you’re after. 

If you’re solely looking for summaries, then Blinkist is definitely the best choice. 

However, if you’re interested in the entire book in both fiction and nonfiction, then Audible is the best choice for you.

Personally, I have an account on both Audible or Blinkist. I use Blinkist for the summaries, and then if I want to get a deeper insight and listen to the entire book, I’ll use that month’s Audible credit.

My use may sound like overkill, but if you’re an avid nonfiction fan like me, Blinkist pays for itself, knowing that you’re only buying audiobooks you’ll actually enjoy.

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What is the Work of Audible?

Authors and publishers use Audible to sell audiobooks. Similar to what Kindle does with ebooks.

While Audible may have original titles, the majority of their audiobooks are uploaded by authors to the platform.

There are books on Audible in nearly every genre of fiction as well as nonfiction.

Audible offers a 30-day free trial that includes one audiobook.

With your subscription, you’ll receive one book a month but you can also buy extra books at a discounted rate.

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What is Blinkist?

Blinkist is an online platform that provides summaries only of well-respected nonfiction books. 

Blinlkist aims to simplify books and make them more manageable. Minute-long reads.

Each Blinkist ‘book within a book’ has a series of ‘blinks’ which are the key lessons from the full book.

Start with a free seven-day trial before you move on to a simple-to-use subscription.

When you’re registered to Blinkist, you have unlimited access to their library. Unlimited access means you have unlimited reading rights and can view as many book summaries you wish.

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What’s the biggest difference between Audible & Blinkist

As you’ve probably noticed, the main difference between Audible and Blinkist is that Blinkist only contains short summaries of non-fiction books, while Audible is solely an audiobook platform.

Which one is best to use: Audible or Blinkist?

Here we’ll look at how easy both Audible and Blinkist are to use and see which is best.

How to Use Audible

There are many ways to listen to your books once you’ve created an Audible account.

  • For Android and Apple smartphones, Audible is available as an app
  • The Audible App for Tablets
  • Amazon devices
  • Sonos speakers
  • Direct download to your computer
  • Stream audio

Personally, I use it primarily for my smartphone. For purchases, however, it is much easier to use the web browser version. 

The Audible app allows you to access your library, which contains books you have purchased in the past, as well as the shop, where you can find and purchase new books. You have the option to buy books at heavily discounted rates or with your Audible credits.

On the app, once you’ve purchased a book, you can download the book to your device, so you can listen while you’re offline.

I love being able to listen to my book on a commute, knowing it won’t drain all of my phone data.  

audible library

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Blinkist: What to do?

There are so many amazing features once you’ve got access to the Blinkist catalogue.

  • Audio or written summaries: You can choose to read the ‘blinks’ yourself or let the audio version do it for you
  • Use multiple devices: Get Blinkist to your mobile, laptop, desktop and kindle devices
  • Blinkist is also available offline You can download titles so that you always have them with you

Both the desktop and mobile versions of Blinkist are used a lot by me on the app for my smartphone. 

This app can be used for little things like in the waiting area or while on the train.

Blinkist is very easy to use. You just need to search for titles or browse through the various categories. 

There you can then add it to the library. You will be able read all your blinks at any time you wish. 

When you’re ready to read the book, the platform is easy to navigate, and all the blinks are clearly laid out. 



A draw. It is very close. Both Audible as well as Blinkist are excellent products. They’re also super-convenient to use. 

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Are there more books available at Audible and Blinkist?

In this section, we’ll compare the range of titles on offer from Audible and Blinkist.

Are there any books that are better than Audible?

Audible’s best feature is their wide selection of best-selling audiobooks.

In fact, being the world’s best audiobook retailer, Audible will keep publishing the top new titles They will be released as soon as possible. 

Audible also covers both fiction and nonfiction books, as opposed to Blinkist (which we’ll cover later), which only looks at business books.

So, one of my favorite things about Audible is that no matter what genre you’re in to, you’ll find the best Audible books for you. 

Is there a limit to how many books Audible has?

Audiobook has Over 300,000. Choose from a variety of titles, so you’ll always have a large range to choose from. 

It is however important to note that self-publishers, just like Amazon, can upload their content to Audible. This will allow for a greater variety of quality.

It is worth noting that publishing eBooks on Audible requires a greater barrier to entry than self-publishing. This barrier of entry means that there aren’t as many complete dud books as you may find in the Kindle store.

If you know what books you like and you can shop carefully, you’ll always find something good on Audible. They also have an unmatched return policy that we’ll look at later too.

What number of books has Blinkist?

Blinkist currently offers over 3000 titles, with new titles added almost every week.

The titles in this collection are all nonfiction. They cover many genres. 

Every title is selected by Blinkist and is usually well-known.


The sheer variety of products on offer is overwhelming Audible This is where the winner is clear. 

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It’s the best price

In this section, we’ll compare the prices of both Audible and Blinkist and see which is the best bang for your buck.

Is Audible worth the price?

A free book is a fantastic way to begin your Audible account.

After 30 days you’ll be charged $16.45 per month. You will also receive an audiobook credit and the ability to buy additional books at a discounted price. 

how does audible work


Note: This site is Australian Audible. Prices and landing pages may differ from mine. Australia offers only one Audible Plan, but the United States has a number of options.

This may be a peek into the future of Audible Australia. But for the time being, you only have one option to join. 

Returning an Audible book

The best part of your Audible Membership is the ability to access their recordings. You can swap or love it for a generous policy.

If you don’t want to keep a book, you can return it at any time, and you’ll get another book credit, or your money back if you purchased the book.

Click on your order history to access the desktop website. You will see an option to cancel your book purchase.  No questions asked.

This policy offers peace-of-mind when you shop for your next book.

Canceling your Audible membership

If you’ve tried Audible and it isn’t your thing, don’t worry, it’s easy to cancel your membership at any time. 

Just log into your account, and then follow the prompts. They don’t hide the cancel button like a lot of other companies.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and still get access to the books you’ve purchased. 

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How much does Blinkist cost?

Sign up for Blinkist free of cost with a 7-day trial.

In that free trial, you’ll have unlimited access to the platform before paying for a premium plan. 

The premium plan can be paid monthly or at a greatly discounted rate each year. 

Monthly options are $19.99 per month. The yearly option costs $9.99 per month. 

Cancel the monthly plan at any moment. This comes with a premium.

The premium plan also comes with premium benefits. 

  • Access to all Blinkist libraries at no additional cost. Unlimited access
  • Evernote allows you to highlight the ideas that are most important and then synch these with Evernote
  • Pay attention to what you do offline


This is what I believe in. Blinkist This is the one that wins. Audible prices are reasonable considering audiobooks are so expensive, but Blinkist’s unlimited access is pretty hard to beat. 

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The benefits and drawbacks of Audible

Below are my views on the benefits and drawbacks of Audible.

The pros

  • There are many books available to choose from
  • You get a generous refund policy
  • Listen to books from a variety of devices
  • Great for people who want to read full books but don’t have the time to sit and read
  • Every month, a free book
  • Listen offline and download
  • It is possible to change your listening speed, so you can read more quickly


  • For one title, $16.45 per month is quite high for such a small amount.
  • It can be costly if you listen to many books each month
  • Purchasing on the phone app isn’t incredibly user-friendly

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Blinkist: The benefits and disadvantages

Below is an overview of the benefits and drawbacks of Blinkist.

The pros

  • A great summary in bite size of some popular books
  • An expanding library of books titles
  • With a Premium Membership, Unlimited Access to Their Catalog
  • There are no hidden fees or upsells
  • Highlight key areas
  • Eligible to read on a kindle
  • Ability to listen or read the audio version
  • Offline access available


  • Although 3000 titles may seem like a lot of books, it is not something I’ve been able find before.
  • Some summaries may be better than others
  • If you’re looking for full books, Blinkist doesn’t have anything for you

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Final thoughts: Is Audible better than Blinkist?

You should now have a better idea of Audible and Blinkist and the one that may be most suitable for you.

If you want to consume full books but don’t have enough time to sit and read, then Audible is for you. You can listen to the book while you’re at the gym, commuting, or pretty much anywhere. 

If you are looking for fiction as well as nonfiction, Audible may be the right choice. 

You can, however, choose the The key lessons learned from nonfiction books and don’t want to read the whole thing, then Blinkist is for you. A summary of key points can be listened to or read for fifteen minutes. 

If you have limited time and are looking to maximize your free time, Blinkist can be a great option. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking to compare the ideas from multiple authors on a topic, I would suggest Blinkist. It will be too costly to order more books from Audible every month. 

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is Blinkist a complete book-keeper?

Blinkist offers only short summaries of 15 minutes, not complete books.

Is it possible to listen to Blinkist offline

Yes. With Blinkist’s app, you can download titles and listen or read offline. 

Are there any books on Blinkist, please?

Blinkist focuses more on business and psychology lovers with nonfiction titles. 

Is Audible a good deal?

If you’re a big audiobook fan, then yes, Audible is a good deal. Although it’s slightly more costly than other competitors, it’s still the most affordable and best value on the market.

How do you proceed?

Click the button below for a free trial of Audible and Blinkist to get a better understanding.

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