All You Can Books: Reviews and Comparison

Let’s be honest, listening to an audiobook is much easier than reading one and with so many of us with more time on our hands this year, there has been an incredible increase in the amount of audiobook and ebook downloads.

What service is best for everyone? It usually comes down to preference and ease of usage.

AllYouCanBooks, which was founded by Yuri Mintskovsky in 2010, has featured in numerous entertainment magazines and television programs, such as FOX, StarTribune and Tech Times. It also features on TV shows like Dailymotion and Lifewire. The company is still in existence after a decade. was reviewed by us to see how it compares against other audiobook service providers, namely Audible and


All You Can Books review

Before we can compare and other audiobook services, let’s first take a look at the features it has.

  • Price
  • Article
  • Compatibility
  • Cancellation

1. Price

All You Can Books

Unlimited access to over 40000+ ebooks, audiobooks and foreign languages courses is available at a $19.99 per month price with no restrictions.  The only pricing option is $19.99, which is slightly more than the other audiobook service prices. You can access unlimited content just like Scribd. AllYouCanBooks is different because you are able to keep any content downloaded during the 30-day trial.

I don’t know about you, but this seemed a little too good to be true and upon further research of this particular nugget of information, I found no mention of anyone successfully downloading and keeping content during their free trial without charge.

Many AllYouCanBooks reviews on the internet claim that customers have been charged even though they cancelled their trial. This is not cool.  


Audible gives new members a 30-day free trial. One credit is available to you during your trial. You can use this credit for any book. The trial period expires 30 days before you can cancel. You will then be placed on the Gold plan for $14.95.

Audible offers two subscription options (Gold and Platinum), as well an annual plan. offers a 30-day free trial. During this time, you have access to any 2 books and a VIP bonus book. Similar to Audible the monthly cost is $14.95. Only one subscription option is available. You will receive 1 credit each month, and 1 VIP book.


Scribd offers a free 30-day trial before you pay $8.99 per month. Scribd has unlimited access to all content. Scribd is also available to students for $4.99 per month. You get 30 day free access to Scribd and a four-month subscription to New York Times Digital.

2. Article

All You Can Books

AllYouCanBooks’ quick search shows it has 40000+ ebooks and audiobooks. However, it’s not that easy to search the available titles without first signing up. It’s possible to find the AllYouCanBooks lists with a bit of online investigation. Most of the Top100 lists contain classics. These can be downloaded online free, and are also available for download (free) through other audiobook services such as Audible.

The AllYouCanBooks site has another problem. I couldn’t find any of my favorite novels. This is a major disappointment if you’re an avid reader and are looking for new content. AllYouCanBooks customer reviews have shown that many users cancel within the 30-day trial because they don’t get what they need.


Audible’s audiobook library includes over 20.000 titles. They also have Audible original and exclusive content which they have deemed “ spoken word entertainment”. There are many podcasts that cover every genre. gives you access to over 200,000 books as well as 1.2 Million podcasts from the VIP and premium libraries. has an audiobook section completely for free.


Scribd currently has more than 1,000,000 books and is continually growing. You can find multiple categories on Scribd. Remember, like All You Can Books you have unlimited access to all titles! Credits aren’t a restriction.

3. Compatibility

All You Can Books

Finally! There is some good news. states that this service can be used on all devices including tablets, smartphones, music players, ereaders and computers. 

Users can access the service from anywhere. A fair number of users have reviewed the app and found it to be user-friendly, even though finding content can sometimes prove difficult.


You can access Audible audiobooks from any smartphone, tablet, smartphone, tablet, Kindle Firestick, Amazon Firestick, Smart TV, or other device. Audible offers a Car Mode option that lets you listen to your audiobooks as you drive. offers a desktop version and a mobile application. These apps allow you to listen to audiobooks from any device with an internet connection, including smartphones, Smart TVs and PCs.


Scribd is compatible with any Android, iPhone or PC.

4. Cancellation

All You Can Books

If you wish to cancel your free trial or subscription on this service don’t expect to readily find an “All You Can Books cancel subscription” link or button on the site or app. Although there is an email address, most AllYouCanBooks reviews indicate that it does not get answered.

You can do clever online research to find out how to cancel AllYouCanBooks subscriptions. Here are the details link You can cancel your subscription by visiting the Terms and Conditions page.

This problem has been repeatedly mentioned in online AllYouCanBooks reviews. Users have had to cancel the subscription. They cancelled the subscription, but still received a credit card charge.


You have the option to cancel your Audible subscription at any time. A confirmation email will immediately be sent. Even if you cancel your subscription, all titles purchased will remain available to you. allows you to cancel your order via both the website and app. Except for titles in the VIP library, all purchased titles are still available.


Scribd can be cancelled at any moment. After the cancellation is complete, you will receive an email confirmation and an instant notification. The good news? You’ll still be able to access Scribd up until your final billing day. The bad news – you will no longer have access to any of the content you accessed.

All You Can Books Comparative

The above information shows that AllYouCanBooks is not the right choice if you are looking for an audiobook service that has new content. To give you an easy visual of what is different between All You Can Books and the other audiobook services like Audiobook, and Scribd; let’s have a look at the table below.

All You Can Books Audible Scribd
Monthly Cost $19.99 $14.95 $14.95 $8.99
Try it Free of Charge Yes – but problematic Yes Yes Yes
Article 40.000+ Ebooks and Audiobooks Listen to 200K+ audiobooks, podcasts and exclusive Amazon Audible content 200K Audiobooks + Podcasts Over 1M Ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, news, sheet music, articles
Compatibility Android, iPhone, Android Tablets, Computer, Music Players, E-Readers, and Android Phones iPhone, Android, PC, TV, Alexa, Kindle, Fire TV  iPhone, Android, PC Android, iPhone, PC, Fire Tablet, Nook Tablet
Easy Cancellation No Yes Yes Yes
App Store Rating 2.7 4.5 4.3 4.5
Current Worldwide Number of Users 50K+ 100M+ 1M+ 10M+

You can clearly see that AllYouCanBooks cannot be outdone in comparison to the many other audiobook service options. These services offer superior pricing and content, as well as user preferences. These services are safer and better-reliable. AllYouCanBooks’ shady handling of subscription fees and cancellations leave most users feeling as if they have been scammed. They are probably the reason why they don’t seem to be a popular choice among audiobook users, despite being around so long.

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