5 Ways to listen to Audible on a PC

It is well-known that audiobooks can be a huge help in reading again. The ability to read a book on the go, while we clean or travel to work, has helped us maximize our time and allow us to do productive things even when it is not convenient. Audible offers the world’s biggest selection of audiobooks and original podcasts and has fast become one of the most popular audiobook services available. Users have the app installed on their smartphones or eReaders. This allows them to access all of their audiobooks at any given time. You may not know, but you can now listen to Audible via your PC. This article will show you how. Let’s take a look at 5 easy ways to listen to Audible on a PC.

First, why would anyone want to listen to Audible from a computer?

Although it may be on all your devices already, it is sometimes handy to have it on your personal computer. 

Most often when:

  • Charge your devices while you continue to listen to the audiobook.
  • You’re spending endless hours on the PC doing research, data capturing or drawing and would like to have your audiobook playing in the background
  • There is a problem with your eReader and you don’t want to use your phone

No matter your reasons, you can easily listen to Audible on any computer.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways how.

Listen online to Audible

Audible’s cloud player allows you to stream your books online. 

To listen online:

  • Click here www.audible.com/lib
  • Log in to your Audible Account 
  • You can go to the library.
  • Click Listen now next to the title you’d like to listen to.

Cloud player: The book will begin playing in the Cloud Player.  Cloud player lets you add bookmarks and change the playback speed. You can also jump chapters. The Audible Cloud player works with Mac and Windows PCs.

You can download titles for your PC

You can download Audible titles directly to your computer. This option is great for offline use.

 Download Audible titles for your computer:

  • Click here www.audible.com/lib
  • Log in to your account 
  • You can go to the library.
  • Locate the desired audiobook and select “Download,” located under the “Other Actions” column.

The download notification will appear. Once the download is complete, you’d be able to open the file and start listening to your audiobook with or without an internet connection.

The Audible App is available for Windows 10 computers:

You can download the Audible app from Microsoft Store if your Windows 10 PC is running Windows 10. You can download Audible Windows 10 easily. 

You can download the app here

  • To start your computer, click on the Start button. 
  • Click here to go to Microsoft Store direct link. Look for Audible. 
  • Please click on Register Download the app and then install it. 
  • After installation has been completed, you can launch the app.
  • Register to access your Amazon/Audible account. 

Once you have successfully logged in, you’ll be taken to your Audible library homepage. From here, you will be able to select books from your collection or start new audiobooks. You can navigate chapters and add notes and bookmarks to the Audible app on Windows 10. You can control your listening experience with Cortana (Microsoft’s voice-activated personal assistant) commands and button-free mode. To purchase additional content, you can access the Audible Store.

You can use an Android Emulator

An emulator can be used to emulate Android apps on a computer that runs an operating system below Windows 8. You can run Audible on your computer using many emulators, such as BlueStax or Andyroid. 

You can use a tablet to do this:

  • Get your favorite app.
  • The emulator is now installed. 
  • After you have launched the emulator, you’ll see a search bar.
  • Look for Audible.
  • Install the Audible App. Once the app is installed, you will be able to access Audible.

      Audible for Mac

iTunes is the best way for Mac users to access Audible. Apple’s macOS 10.15 Catalina has made it possible to switch from iTunes to Apple Books. Apple Books allows you to still access audiobooks via the Apple books app. iTunes will still be your default app to Audible if macOS 10.14.6 is installed.


You must authorize your Audible account in order to listen to audiobooks on iTunes. You can authorise an Audible account by following these steps:

  • Visit your Library You can find the Audible desktop website here
  • Next to any audiobook, click Download.
  • Click Yes in the pop-up message you receive asking you to “authorize your computer”.
  • Fill in your information for Audible Sign-in.
  • The blue link to Audible says Complete your activation by clicking here!

All audiobooks can be saved and played in your iTunes Audiobooks Section.

Apple Books

Apple Books can be compared to iTunes. Your Audible content will be automatically migrated to Apple Books when you upgrade to macOS Catalina. Make a backup to ensure safety before updating. Two ways you can use Audible with Apple Books are available. There are two options: either you can import Audible material into Apple Books or, alternatively, download Audible contents with Apple Books.

You will be prompted for authorisation if this is your first download of Audible content.

Authorize your Audible account

  • Choose Store from Open Apple Books
  • Navigate to Authorizations, and then click Authorize This Computer.
  • Click Yes in the pop-up message you receive asking you to “authorize your computer.”
  • Fill in your information for Audible Sign-in.
  • Use the orange “Activate in Apple Books” button

To import Audible content into Apple Books:

  • Open Apple Books.
  • Select Add to Library from the File menu.
  • In the “Add to Library” window browse to the location where your audiobooks are located.
  • Click on the title you would like to import.

Audiobooks under Apple Books contains all of your Audible content.

You’d think it was easy. You should give it a shot. Audible has many offers. 30-day free trial It is possible to accomplish this. It is possible to read audiobooks while you work on your computer. This will allow you to save battery for listening at night or on your commute. With these 5 easy ways to listen to Audible on a PC, there’s no reason to keep missing out on your favourite reads. It’s time to get Audible on your PC and become a multitasking super start. Check out our audiobook reading list for more recommendations! Happy listening!