5 reasons why magazine advertising is effective in 2013

The future of magazine media is bright with days of opportunity ahead. The reason for this is that advertising in magazines is effective. It provides stable results that businesses are looking for and the trusted content that consumers are looking for. Magazine content across all platforms is up 4 percent year over year as consumers continue to demand and pay for good content. The magazine’s media footprint continues to grow as it has historically.


1) Magazines provide readers with brand relationships

Magazines are relevant to building brands with business media relationships with consumers. The near future of magazines is proving viable as the content and ink produce printed copies of magazines that are sought after in the hands of readers. Marketers are discovering that brands and content are married to each other more than ever, and that they best match the images printed magazines provide to readers.

2) Growing consumer demand for quality magazine media

According to Media Post News in an April 5 article titled Consumers Demand Satisfaction Across Channels To Remain Loyal, retailers are discovering that to satisfy customers they use integrated media channels. Relying on just one form of media won’t cut it. Companies partnering with skilled integrated media buyers are successfully meeting the growing demand for high-quality media content for magazines.

3) The appeal of magazine media

One perception is that magazine audiences have declined when the reality is that more people are reading magazine media across multiple platforms. A magazine ad can effectively convey the language of a brand’s story. The brand experience of magazine media is a wonderful mix of familiar editorial material and relevant advertisements that create a powerful relationship between the brand and the reader. Magazines engage targeted audience segments to create strategic promotional partnerships.

4) Magazine Media’s digital opportunity

Brand makers, content editors, consumer marketers and integrated ad buyers are seeing consumer engagement with magazines shifting to, from and across platforms, and marketers expect the integration of traditional and new media to work closely together.

5) Magazine content is king

Access to premium magazine content prepared and published on a scheduled basis has been long awaited by discerning readers who are always hungry to learn more about their areas of interest. Quality content helps businesses succeed by propelling the media as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products; magazines provide a marketplace of content that readers can hold in their hands and enjoy at their leisure.

Ongoing research and study find it consistent that magazine content is trusted, unbiased media and influential, reaching deeply engaged and interest-specific communities. Marketers continue to believe that advertising in print magazines is a top value.