Robin Sharma The 5 AM Club Summary

Robin Sharma: 5 AM Club Summary

5AM Club Summary – Robin Sharma

Parable and self-help guide, both in The 5 AM ClubRobin Sharma tells Robin Sharma’s story about a fictional artist who is also an entrepreneur and a businessman to illustrate the importance of rising at dawn every day.

The book isn’t the first to think of waking up early. A lot of great artists and thinkers have made it a part of their success.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to take full advantage of the early morning before the day’s distractions.

The book is written by leadership guru, Robin Sharma, who has based it on lessons he’s been teaching successful business owners for over twenty years.

There are three key takeaways. The 5 AM Club are:

  1. Successful people are known for their ability to rise early in the morning.
  2. Over time, small and frequent advancements can lead to incredible results
  3. For true success, you must continue to move beyond your comfort zones, even if your life has changed.

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Lektion One: Succession is a habit that many people develop daily by rising early

Those who achieve fame and success aren’t simply born with talent and drive.

To be great, you’ve got to put in the work.

Over the years, many have taken up the pledge to rise early each morning. A positive, productive attitude is set by waking up early in the morning.

You’d be surprised what you can achieve in only an hour every morning.

They discuss the topic in the book. 20/20/20 Framework For the first hour of each day. This framework is made up of three sets each lasting twenty minutes.

  1. Physical: You can do a workout, yoga or a run.
  2. Reflection: You can also fill in a journal or meditate.
  3. Learning: You can read, listen to podcasts or look at a newspaper.

The morning routine can be modified to your liking. One example is a longer workout.

You should do the routine every day for 66 consecutive days. This is on average how long it takes to create a habit.

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Second lesson: Slow, steady advances can lead to inconceivable results over time

You’ll find that almost everyone you talk to has some excuse as to why they didn’t achieve all they thought they would.

A writer may, for example, blame his friends or family members for not being able to make time to write.

Excuses can be used to distract from the problem, much as social media.

Or, as I like to say it… Excuses are like butts: everyone has them and they all stink.

Truth is, reaching goals isn’t a case of hitting home runs. This is the case of singles that are consistently hit.

Regular work is essential if you’re going to see your dreams come true.

It takes small steps to build a foundation that will allow you to succeed.

The story of Sara is in the book. She was a young painter who got the old talk: “If you consistently show up in your studio every day, you will one day reach some degree of success.”

Sara found the information helpful, but not inspiring.

She began to make exercise and reflection a part of her daily routine, starting every day with motivational literature.

Over time, her craft got stronger.

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Third lesson: Never stop pushing yourself to be better.

Self-improvement can be a lifelong process.

If you continually push yourself past what is comfortable, regardless of what you’ve already accomplished, you’ll continue to grow.

You can take this story Between Martha Graham and Agnes De Mille, two of the most famous choreographers.

De Mille was just getting a lot of recognition and fame for her work. Oklahoma!However, she was unhappy with the way that it was different than what she expected.

Graham, her friend and colleague offered assistance.

Graham responded that she was never content as an artist.

Great people are driven by this dissatisfaction, and the need to get more.

Anybody can succeed if they have the desire to.

Turn the Book into Action

Start small, rather than setting an alarm for tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. and praying for the best.

A trick that is used in the book includes the introduction of the rule that screens should be turned off after eight o’clock.

By limiting screen time you’ll be able to go to sleep easier.

Even if there are no distractions around, it is possible to fall asleep earlier than you expected.

You’ll find that with the easier sleep, you may naturally wake up earlier anyway.

My personal takeaway

Being an already early riser means that I can wake up as early as 5 AM.

There are some things I can incorporate into my daily routine. The no screen time beyond 8 pm rule is a bit tricky, but this should help me stay focused.

Anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed by work is going to love this book. This book is also great for anyone who works part-time. Part-time owners often overlook the importance to rest.

Hey, I’m Erik… A Swedish University student and a marketing professional. I am also a lifelong learner. BookSummaryClub is where I compile my favourite non-fiction books in easily digestible posts. Hope you like what you’re reading!

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